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User Info: boomtick3

9 years ago#1
I'm having trouble figuring out how to start a trading post in Neverwinter. I've got several going in other cities and am a fellow (I think its the 2nd level) in the Circle of Friends trade group. I read that Nevalle allows for the outpost creation, but my only dialogue option is "Farewell".

Also the requisition officer in the Keep won't allow me to see any items or open a dialogue, which seems odd.

Anyone have any suggestions?

User Info: EshuElegba

9 years ago#2
You have to finish some quests for your trade cartell and at one point is you ask for work your boss tells you to buy the post from Nevalle... Then you will be able to ask for it... It has a pretty high cost in trade bars, but as it is infinite who cares? :)

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