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User Info: ju_mai32

8 years ago#1
i would like a list of cohorts & their locations i have found three so far maybe i missing something?
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User Info: veggen

8 years ago#2
Check this:

and this:

User Info: ju_mai32

8 years ago#3
i copied all the info the was compilied by Melirinda from other posts there, it was buried 8 pages in. So all thanks go to her & the other posters there.

1) Umoja: Male, Human Druid, NG
Location: Samarch Bazaar
How to Hire: Talk to him and ask him to join.
Dialogue: Protective of animals in general and dinosaurs in specific. Surprisingly insightful at times.
Comments: Umoja is a very cool ally. His dinosaur companion, Yushai, makes a superb tank and his own high wisdom makes him a useful spellcaster.

2) Inshula: Female, Human Ranger, TN
Location: Samarch Bazaar
How to Hire: Talk to her about her job and hire her as a bodyguard for 300g.
Dialogue: Unknown (haven't used her).
Comments: Rangers are very helpful in this game, and archers don't suffer nearly so much as they usually do.

3) Lashti: Female, Halfling Swashbuckler, TN
Location: Samarch Tavern (after being rescued)
How to Hire: Save her from the Stone Knife Batiri tribe (cave is southeast of shipwreck, available after Sa'Sani's first quest?), then complete her quest to save her second mate (cave at the shipwreck). She'll join if you ask after that.
Dialogue: Pragmatic and sarcastic. Good at seeing through cons.
Comments: With just enough int to cover her low strength, Lashti's not going to be a heavy damage dealer, but her dexterity means that she'll hit quite often with a rapier. Suffers from a critical lack of feats (as in, she never selected any at levels 1, 3, and 6).

4) Soraevora: Female, Sun Elf Favored Soul, CG
Location: Crossroads Keep, Main Hall
How to Hire: Get near her. She practically invites herself.
Dialogue: Unknown (haven't used her).
Comments: Haven't used her yet.

5) Grykk: Male Half Orc Paladin, LG
Location: Neverwinter Tavern
How to Hire: Sweet talk him into joining, then donate 1000g to his monastary when he mentions it. You can get him for free if you have a similar god, like Tyr (the Triad, perhaps?), and can comment about similarities and that it must be their will. Grykk joins free if any good aligned character asks him.
Dialogue: Standard paladin
Comments: Has a low int for his mode of speech.

6) Finch: Male Half-Elf Bard, CG
Location: Any inn near (but not in) Neverwinter.
How to Hire: Agree to help him get inside Neverwinter. Once you obtain a permanent pass of your own, you can sweet talk Sir Nevalle into assisting, though you will need to also need to sweet talk a local lady to support you on this. Give him the news and he'll appear later in the Crossroad Keep merchant hall, begging to join.
Dialogue: Unknown (haven't used him).
Comments: Haven't used him yet.
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-Adam Savage "Mythbusters"

User Info: ju_mai32

8 years ago#4
7) Septimund: Male Human Cleric/Doomguide, LN
Location: Port Llast Garrison (north of Neverwinter)
How to Hire: Talk to the garrison commander about the the doomguide and then accept the mission to end the undead attacks. Enlist Septimus temporarily to do this mission and use him to resolve the final battle peacefully. Find him in Port Llast later and you can convince him to join up.
More on Joining: As you leave the area where Nya the NPC is located, he SHOULD talk to you. You will then get the option to ask him to stay. What might happen (happened to me twice before I figured it out) is that a bug occurs where you click to leave the area and he doesn't talk to you, just disappears. If you get that bug, reload and try again. That is assuming you want to keep him. He does reappear in Port Llast after this but its too late to recruit him at that point.
I was able to get Septimund to join the party permanently after the graveyard quest. The first time I did it by kicking him out of the party before I talked to Nya and using diplomacy options to talk her out of her mad crusade. She returned to Port Llast as did Septimund. After returning to Port Llast and talking to Septimund, he was then available to join.
Dialogue: Unknown (haven't used him enough).
Comments: Someone forgot to give him the class feature that allows him to continue advancing his clerical spells. As a result, his spells are capped at level 10. However, he joins at level 13, significantly higher than you need to be to enlist him.
Quarrel: Male Half-drow Warlock/Hellfire Warlock, CE
Location: West Harbor
How to Hire: Haven't accomplished it yet. (Supposedly, talking to him after saving Tarmas will lead him to Crossroads Keep, where you can enlist him in the Main Hall.)
Dialogue: Unknown (haven't used him).
Comments: Haven't used him yet.

9) Ribsmasher is the Male, Human Monk, LN
Location: Onyx Cave, pretty much directly center and north of the map. It's got the Sharrans in there.
How to Hire: Haven't accomplished it yet.
Dialogue: Unknown (haven't used him).
Comments: Haven't used him yet.

10) Belueth is a Female Aasimar rogue/shadow thief, NE
Location: Neverwinter, Temple of Waukeen
How to Hire: Talk to her and pay her fee (have never had enough to do so when speaking to her)
Dialogue: Unknown (haven't used her).
Comments: Haven't used her yet.

11) Chir Darkflame: Female, Gnome, Wizard, CE
How to Hire: You can get her by freeing the slaves in the Underdark Black Market in Samarach.
Dialogue: Unknown

12) Zarl, the Gnoll - cut out material

I reject your reality & substitute my own
-Adam Savage "Mythbusters"

User Info: xterror01

8 years ago#5
I unlocked Quarrel the other day by speaking to the Goodwife after defeating the Black Dragons. She mentions that Quarrel is feeling depressed and recommends you speak to him. He begins asking questions about Ammon Jerro. A successful lore check sent him to the Keep where he hangs out behind Kelghar. A successful diplomacy check and he joined my party. I haven't used him.

For Ribsmasher, enter the Onyx Cave and open the door using a darkness ability, I used my Tiefling Rogue's Darkness racial spell. Bluff the Sharrans into leaving you alone and then open the door to the right. Unlock the door and talk to Ribsmasher and he'll join. I've only used him once and it was in Skullsmasher's cabin. There's a fun little dialogue about Ribsmasher's origin.

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User Info: negativeone2

8 years ago#6
I wonder if there's a way to unlock the Gnoll. I'd much rather sacrifice him than my Druid (in terms of One of Many)

Kinda blows though that you are left with NO cohorts if you try to feed him all the way.

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