Max Level?

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User Info: AikidoNinja

8 years ago#1
What is the max level in Storm of Zehir?

User Info: p_O_

8 years ago#2
30 if you have MoTB

but so far people say you end around level 16 and with some rigor you can hit early 20s
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User Info: Bartlth

8 years ago#3
there is an orb in the yuan-ti fortress which can be used unlimited times with a concentration check and always gives you 1000 exp letting you level up without console to level 30 ^^

User Info: LaughingManZero

8 years ago#4
If you're going to do that, you might as well just console the xp, there's no moral difference.

User Info: MelfsMother

8 years ago#5
I disagree. That's part of the fun of the game, discovering little tricks and in-game bonanzas. And it's nice to find a bug that actually helps. There are certainly enough to frustrate the crap out of you. And I wonder if that orb bug was intentional, A little too easy to discover.

User Info: Lord Blade

Lord Blade
8 years ago#6
Discovering little tricks like that, yes, that's neat to do.
But once you know it works, you might as well just cheat yourself up.
Unless you want to sit there for an hour gaining the 1000 XP over and over.
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User Info: MelfsMother

8 years ago#7
True. I went back to an earlier save point and am going thru the end again trying things out a little differently, and you're right, I probably won't bother with that orb. It's an old toy now.
My new toy is enchanting mephit guano with armor class bonus. Fun!

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