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User Info: Keikogi

7 years ago#11
"how about the grand theft autos"
plural, perfect example.

once again another person trying to make it seem like i said gtaiv had bad graphics, i said the post processing is bad, for the 3rd time now. why cant you people read my post before flaming me cause i criticize the most over rated game ever.
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User Info: funkyboy1989

7 years ago#12

everyone knows graphics is not everythingfor the game, unless they are some rtards

but i think his sayingjust providedone more evidence why this game is garbage. lol

plus, models facial expression is so unnatural, and look so lifeless...

even worse than bout 5 years old HL2

User Info: killkount

7 years ago#13
The graphics looks like crap.

Who really gives a ****? People like you annoy me with the whole DA GRAPHIX SUX SO DUNT BUY IT K??
I like Preludes.
Been playin' some Fallout 3.

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