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User Info: abort_mission

8 years ago#1
could anyone describe whats wrong w/ the game a little bit? ive watched some videos and it still looks like it could be fun. it doesnt look like the strategy is real high but sadly most squad games arent.

the only really bad things i saw from the gameplay vids were the voice acting and the dated graphics. but i can forgive most of those since this isnt a big budget game. im still thinking of picking it up but im a little more skeptical now.

also some people have complained the game is $40. its being sold for $30 at a some places. if i buy it ill probably find the $30 version to soften the blow if this IS a bad a game.
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User Info: jorge69696

8 years ago#2

Get heroes of newerth for 30$

User Info: PhilR1

8 years ago#3
I've got the 360 version and been playing it for the past few days so will write a little for you to help you decide.

First of all the voice acting is probably the worst I have EVER heard in my entire life. There is this Chinese woman who helps you out who the devs must've just picked up off the street in sheer desperation. Words cannot properly describe how awful it is.

Now the gameplay. The FPS mode is definitely average. The graphics looked washed out and the enemies don't even seem to react when you shoot at them.

There are two squads with three in each. Each has a completely different weapon and one skill weapon. For example Paragon (yes that's the name they have for him, others are Zombie and Oso) has a M249 to supress. Others have a rocket launcher, smoke grenades etc. You mainly use these skill weapons in RTS mode. Now the RTS mode is most certainly not like any other RTS game I've ever played but actually I quite like it. There are opportunites for flanking and good use of the skill weapons. For example last night I got stuck coming up against two machine gun nests. I eventually found a small path, went down it and use grenades to kill them. When it works it is a decent game.

Both of the modes by themselves are below average but sticking them together somehow makes the game (for me anyway) be just above average. Trust me if I hated this game I would just take it back but I am now on the last but one mission. There are 12 in total including a tutorial mission. The AI isn't actually that bad. Sometimes I have seen a couple of the enemies walk towards you and looking backwards but most of the time they will try and flank you and even fall back if there is only one of them left. The path finding in the RTS mode is really good. I've never had a time where I've told a squad to go somewhere and they've taken the most ridiculous path or got stuck. Of course the maps aren't really that open but it's still ok.

If the game is $30 I believe that's the equivelant of £20 over here in the UK and yes I believe that's a good price. I paid £29.99 for it and so far have no major complaints. Just don't buy the game expecting Far Cry 2 graphics or an RTS mode like Supreme Commander. Both modes are basic but as i say putting them together makes the game work, just.

Hope that helps. If you need anymore info just let me know and I'll help you out.
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User Info: abort_mission

8 years ago#4
ah thank you! it still sounds intriguing but i was really hoping the rts/fps would have a little more depth. i may wait on this one for the time being.
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User Info: GeneralFatman

8 years ago#5
PhilR1, this game seriously needs a review or two. Why not post that?
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