Manual transmission with clutch shifting...

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User Info: XAVIER_17

8 years ago#1

Who thinks they should make forza 3 with a real manual transmission using the clutch. Like in the real world. Just thinking about it, forza is the real simulator, and adding this to the game would be a really good feature. Think about it, you should be able to burn the clutch if you dont know how to shift. The person who knows how to shift better wins. I hope they could add that.

User Info: mbc_656

8 years ago#2
so how on earth would you implement this on simple xbox controller???

The only way I could see this working is if they use the left trigger for controlling the clutch... so you would press the left trigger all the way in, change gears like you normally would using X or B and then release clutch and apply the gas accordingly... but then braking would suck on a non sensitive button.

User Info: -eddy-

8 years ago#3
I think it could work controller wise.
Have clutch on left-bumber and use the right stick as a shifter. 'A' could be handbrake.
It would be logical, you can shift and use handbrake at the same time.

User Info: pmroberts2005

8 years ago#4
Actually it would not be that hard Need for Speed pro street had it the game was terrible in my opinion but the clutch shift feature was great.

User Info: XAVIER_17

8 years ago#5

It could work. Just use the left trigger as the clutch, and make it as sensitive as in real life. Like if you release the clutch to early in 1st shift it could turn off. You know, make it like real life. Not like the one in pro street. Were it didn't make much of a difference. They should have it for the people that would like to use it, and just keep the other controls for the people who wont like it so they wont complain about it.

User Info: XGoofySnoopyX

8 years ago#6
i agree sound like a good idea. that would be really cool if i let out of the clutch to fast and the car died that would funny speicaly when your in drag and somebody does that
also i thank there should be like to where you could cruise in citys and mess with people when you punch it on take off. i just want to have a dang clutch in this game but you guys have some really good ideas

User Info: erod69

8 years ago#7
You can't put the clutch on the left trigger because then how are you going to brake? Please do not say "use the A button to accelerate and X to brake!" If you want to add realism, taking away the ability to use analog controls for the gas and brake is not the way to do it.

As for using LB to clutch, then you'd always have to brake with your middle finger, which will make it harder to control braking. Honestly, the only way a clutch should be implemented in this game is if they release a wheel like the G25 for the 360.

User Info: djfan22004

8 years ago#8
It would be a really awesome aspect to add to the game, but its just not practical with the current controller. As stated above me, the only practical way would if it was an option for when you had the wheel or something. As for using it as the LB, that kinda defeats the purpose considering there is more to using a clutch that immediately engaging and disengaging it. Just having a button to press really wouldn't make it any more realistic. I would be all for it if there was a practical way to implement it though.
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User Info: mbc_656

8 years ago#9
Using the right stick to change gears sounds too complicated... I say just keep it set to X and B... it should work just fine with the clutch on the left trigger. But I'd hate having the brake set to A or any other less sensitive button/

User Info: xxsomeonexx

8 years ago#10
If they implement this into FM3 then left trigger can be clutch, right stick can be accelerate and brake, and right button and right trigger can be use to shift gear.
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