Best car for f class circuit races online?

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User Info: chris122333123

6 years ago#1
Yeah so i do a lot of f class races online on the circuit mode and am currently using the golf mark 2. Just wanted to know what is the best f class car for speed and acceleration??? also on all the f class leader boards there is a dlc car thats wining them all, does anyone know what that car is called?
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User Info: daviwinn

6 years ago#2
It's the Porsche 550 (super light car w/AWD drive swap available), but having said that the VW you have is just as competitive, even in the hands of the fastest drivers in the game the Posche is only slightly faster, there's usually at least 1 or 2 VW times in the top 10.

User Info: Instag8or

6 years ago#3
Speed and acceleration? My 71 Skyline GT-R is my best in that department. Overall, my Alfa Romeo Guilia GTA and Rabbit are the best I have. I had a F Class Porsche 550, but got tired of getting kicked out of lobbies for using it, so I don't have it anymore. Another good F Class car is the Sprinter Trueno.
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User Info: blackhrt

6 years ago#4
Thats where Turn 10 dropped the ball. With that Porsche. Not the car, the conversions they put for the car.
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User Info: Frisco557

6 years ago#5
I use my Porsche 914-6, but thats cause I don't care about where I finish, just how I get there.

User Info: Instag8or

6 years ago#6
I just got my old Gullwing Mercedes F Class car back... another good option, but a bit expensive. Does seem to have good speed for an AWD F Class car (5.7)
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User Info: dark_minun

6 years ago#7
Stig - that car makes a very fast Sunset Speedway tune in F class.

TC: anything small and AWD has a decent chance in F class, try to keep a decent power-to-weight ratio, and consider minor tire upgrades on anything pre-1970.

I've had success in a wide variety of cars with all 3 drivetrains in F class, my fastest for circuit racing are generally my Scion xD, which doesn't make any sense based on the in-game stats but places well in races, my FWD Honda Civic VTi, which has handling good enough to make up for it's poor power and acceleration, and my personal favorite is my Saturn ION, which got a little help in terms of losing power in order to make it into F class. It has great handling for F class but is slightly slower than the other 2 overall.
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