Proton Laser... is weird....

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User Info: khhhh

6 years ago#1
i been playing raiden 4 all this time pretending that proton laser dint existed since i reminded me of the dreadful raiden 3 :P

i just gave it a chance, and it such strange weapon

first the focused form is much more useful than it normaly and becouse the 45 degree swings you almost dont lose anything in coverage.
but the tapping to the sides for it to work all the time is very annoying, not to say impossible under heavy fire, makes me wonder why they dint made it like that from start

also while shooting at those large ships in stage 6, i realized that as more the ship came into the screen faster my score was increasing(the points you get by just hitting enemies)
at start i thought it was because i was hitting the side cannons as well, but even by carefully not hitting them, the score keep increasing faster and faster

so its just me, or this weapon actually does more damage based on how much of the beam is over it?
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