What should I choose as my main class?

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User Info: Mud Turkey 13

Mud Turkey 13
9 years ago#1
I really don't know anything about this game. I just saw an ad for it and thought I'd give it a try since it's free. Any kind of help for a new guy would be appreciated, but I'd really like to know the pros and cons for each of the main classes if possible. Thanks.
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User Info: starfire09

9 years ago#2
Well when you get to the character creation screen, it has a very in-depth analysis to each of the characters. It's really up to you though, since none of the classes are bad. I have heard that Axemen are good (I didn't choose one, but my axeman mercenary is great, so yeah), and I've got a swordsman that handles things well. One thing to remember is that if your main character dies, it doesn't matter how many of your mercenaries are alive, you just lose the battle. It may seem like getting a front-line main character is a bad idea since he will take most of the hits, but it's actually worse to pick a back-row character, since they have a lot less defense and hit points. Besides, after level 30 or 40, you should have a Monk in your party, which has crazy buff/healing abilities, so you'll find it hard to die unless every enemy takes their turn to concentrate on one guy.
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User Info: Vandermillion

9 years ago#3
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: chocomog

9 years ago#4
axe/bow/staff are the popular ones right now. can't go wrong with any of them.
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User Info: EightMileStyle

9 years ago#5
Hey Mud Turkey, I am guessing you have already started a character by now, but if you happened to choose the Thebes server then add EvanEbonhart to your friend list and I'll try and help you out.

As for your question, choosing a main for PvE isn't as important since it is fairly easy to make an effective build regardless of your main, so I will rank the mains based entirely off of PvP.

High Tier
1. Axe
Basically the skill freezing axe is awesome, melee mains have beastly defense when equipped appropriately, and the mercenary counterpart (viking) has terrible magic defense so many people do not like to use that mercenary if they can help it. The recent upgrade to viking mercenaries does improve its M.Def though, so even though they are still probably the best PvP merc, they aren't completely dominant like they were before. This is also by far the most popular main in the game. To make matters worse, they can fit into practically any formation and do well.

2. Staff
Surprisingly resiliant due to its high magic defense and ranged attackers don't due as much damage to staff characters in PvP, so as long as it isn't in the frontline it is pretty hard to kill. Evanescent skud is basically another meteor without the crazy AP cost, and the merc can also be an emergency healer. Don't add any skill points to hex of darkness or brutal will though; you will regret it later. Also there is supposedly a new skill coming out that is already in the Korean version that is pretty godly. If you go staff main, you basically need to focus on an AoE formation including a witch and beast trainer though.

3. Bow
Not many people like to run the normal archer merc, so this is a nice substitute to still have the option to have the silence skill, and having ways to lockdown your opponent is always nice. This would be a mid-tier merc except for the fact that when you hit level 93 you can use the main-only weapon Valhalla Bow. This baby not only does lolhax damage, but it has an innate lightning skill attached to it, meaning you can snipe any merc regardless of where they are in the formation, and give them -AP as well as adding to their stun counter. By far the best main-only weapon in the game. Add in that ranged-mains get the best damage-over-time skill in Chaos Wind, and you have a very solid merc that can fit in a lot of formations.

Mid Tier
4. Cannon
While it is fairly limited in what type of build you can work around it, if you do the appropriate build it can do just as well as the high tier mains. If you go cannon, you must do a stun-focused build. If not, an axe or bow main would be more appropriate. Adding in a cannon and/or gunner-type mercs is pretty much necessary, as well as an exorcist to help the stun stick. Also has the skill Chaos Wind. Adding in some AoE-type mercs to spike everyone after your DoTs wear them down isn't a bad idea either, so a witch and/or beast trainer wouldn't be bad choices to your team as well.

5. Spear
While it is melee so inherently has above-average defense, most spears are put in the midline, and usually with 1 or 2 other spear mercs. With a total spear midline, people either do 1 of 2 things: Lightning spear lockdown with all of the -AP, or seth/brutal will and just do crazy damage. The Lightning spear lockdown is much more effective at level 80+ since that is when your lighting spear hits 3 columns deep instead of only 2.
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User Info: EightMileStyle

9 years ago#6
Low Tier
6. Sword
The only thing it has going for it is that it has obviously the best defense in the game. Properly equipped you are a human wall. A lot of people make the mistake of putting this guy in the midline or backline which is a total waste of this main. Toss him in the front and center. Any opponent with half a brain will know to pretty much disregard your main and attack your much weaker mercenaries, and your sword is toughest to get around if he is in the front and center. This is especially true if you guard with him, and this is what you should do most of the time since you should have much better offensive mercs behind him to do the bulk of the damage. To be honest though, this main as well as the 5 I described above can all be effective if you build the correct mercs around them. The only merc I would keep away from at all costs is...

Lol Bottom Tier
7. Gunner
The gunner's saying is, "Anything I can do a spear-main can do better." Defense? Spear wins. Magic attack? Wild shot is terrible and can often do less damage than your normal attack, while lightning spear hits the same 3-row column, AND does -AP to them. Spear wins again. Finally, normal attack. A gunner hits the entire 3-row column while a spear can only hit 2 deep, but the spear does more damage. A trade off. Basically a gunner would have the advantage in this category for a stun build while a spear would have the advantage with any other type of build. Guess what though? If you want a stun build, then pick an axe or cannon main, they do better. Long story short, no matter what 8 mercs you put around you and the strategy you give me, I can give you a reason why one of the other 6 mercs would do the gunner main's job better.

Wow that took 2 pages. I better get a bonus on GLB for this Mud Turkey. :P
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User Info: chocomog

9 years ago#7
i have a gun main and they suck balls lol. i'm not changing though
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User Info: chocomog

9 years ago#8
oh the great thing about archer is not particularly the vit killing valhalla bow, it's the 3 turn silence at lvl 100. combine that with mana seal and you can keep enemy spellcasters permanently locked down.
Rule #76: No excuses - Play like a champion

User Info: EightMileStyle

9 years ago#9
Don't get me wrong, I really like silence, but most intelligent people keep their monk and oracle/shaman in the backrow. This means silence cannot reach them until you kill a person in the 1st or 2nd row.

Archers are very nice for the turn 3 stun, but not for silence though. I'll give an example of a typical bow-main build that would involve a prophet and exorcist.

Turn 1: Hit whatever merc you want to stun the most that will also be in either your cannon, axe, or gunner's line of sight (however you are focusing your stun pressure basically...personally I use a combination of 2 axes and 1 cannon to provide the bulk of my stun pressure). DON'T SHOOT THEIR MONK. If you do, it will tip them off on what you are trying to do.

Turn 2: Use your cannon, axe, gunner, whatever to provide a spread of stun. Most good opponents put their monk in the back row corner to avoid stun as much as possible. If the bulk of your stun doesn't reach the monk, thats fine. That is what your bow-main and prophet are for. Merely snipe the monk to slap on a stun counter.

***Turn 3: Only the best of opponent's will have the awareness to realize that if they don't use awakening on their monk, it is doomed even though it only has a stun counter of 1 currently. Again, apply stun pressure on as many units as possible putting them all at stun counter 2 (and the merc you hit on turn 1 will be stunned now). Use your bow-main or prophet to add stun counter 2 to the monk if necessary. ********Have your exorcist use mana seal now!******** As a bonus, if you have an extra move to use then have your viking cast freezing axe to be even more disabling.

Turn 4: Their monk can't cast awakening to remove stun counters or holy guard to remove the freezing axe due to mana seal. Apply that stun pressure one more time to stun all of those stun 2 mercs. Make sure the monk is stunned, or he will just awakening next turn. The best part about having a bow-main + a prophet is you have 2 scroll snipers. If they are uber-rich and try and use an awakening scroll, you just focus fire on that merc to kill the scroll before it can be used. At this point you have a SEVERE advantage since you basically just earned yourself 2 free turns.

Granted, I am totally biased towards a bow-main since that is what I run myself. Currently, I use the following build:

Witch - Beast Trainer - Exorcist
Bow(main) - Viking - Cannoneer
Oracle - Prophet - Monk

Very weak defensively, but if you can lock them down it won't matter when I am piling on meteors, beast summons, smoke bombs, and chaos winds while they are stunned. :p
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User Info: Koplit

9 years ago#10
shamans get Evanescent SCUD combo. Range get Chaos Wind to combine with another party(melee) breakdown. combos aren't all that in PVP though. Cannon has high DEF and HPs for survival and range, however they dont attack flying and their single taarget hit is a little low. Deep Insight has medium damage capabilities. Freezing axe is countered by Holy Guard, though Holy Guard is countered by shamans, however shamans are usually healrs so it would be a wasted turn. Axe runs the problem of being mediocre at higher levels.
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