Best racing game for the PS3?

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User Info: sothe232

8 years ago#1

Out of all of the racing games for the PS3, which is the best? I NEED TO KNOW, only gots enough cash for one of them. So please tell me

User Info: Hunter_Silver

8 years ago#2
That all depends what your looking for in a racing game.
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User Info: sothe232

8 years ago#3

I guesss your favorite and which is all around best that has street racing

User Info: tirannoron

8 years ago#4
just wait for gt 5
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User Info: wantfastcars

8 years ago#5
The NFS series, from what I have experienced, has a solid racing portion to the game and silky smooth (and easy to use) customization. It has a good balance of story and racing, as opposed to some games which lean heavier on one or the other. For example, Full Auto 2: Battlelines leans rather heavily on story, but still has a good racing experience. But, BurnOut Paradise has no story AT ALL but is one of the best racing games I have ever played. If you want a realistic game though, listen to Tirannoron and wait for Gran Turismo 5, or don't wait and buy GT5: P right now to sooth your hunger. Also, I have a fairly comprehensive list of pros and cons for various games on another topic, which I will post here in a minute. I warn you, it is probably a bit more than you need to know.

User Info: wantfastcars

8 years ago#6
UnderCover Pros: Incredibly dynamic customization, and insanely easy to use to boot, probably upwards of billions of possible combinations, and as I said, very, very simple system to work with. Decent list of vehicles, most of which are at least fairly sporty, and with all the premium DLC about 2/3 of them can be free. Races are easy, progress trhough career mode goes fast. Online, I'd give it an 8/10. Interface and usability of online is good, but it is slightly glitchy, and a little bit of teleporting cars is expected. Excellent sense of speed and user friendly controls and menus. Offline Multiplayer is an option.

Cons: Career mode goes by very quickly, and is very easy for the most part. A couple bosses are difficult, but otherwise nothing even remotely hard. Getting money after career is over is slow and painstaking, no more than 8K a race, and a single bust on a heat level of 2 or higher can set you back a good 30 Grand. Car selection could be better, but it's still really good. Car prices are all relatively easy to attain during career, but as I said earlier, damn near impossible after game completion.

Burnout Paradise pros: No money is awarded at all, the way you unlock cars is by beating a certain number of events, then crashing it! Highly original, LOTS of vehicles, and @ least 50 combinations of paint/skins for each car after TimeSaver pack or game complete. Online is absolutely outstanding, no lag whatsoever, voice chat is crystal, unless user has a poor mic. The Online challenges provide at least a week of solid Burning to complete, with no breaks at all, with 420 for cars and 70 for bikes. Extremely good damage modeling. Good sense of speed (especially with bikes), boost types are an original idea. Lots of intriguing, but over-priced DLC. Also, in five days a massive DLC is coming which will supposedly increase the games size by 50% or more.

Cons: No customization, save paint and skins. No offline splitscreen, however there is some form of "pass the controller" offline multiplayer that I've heard isn't worth buying. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
WipEout HD Pros: Incredible sense of speed, by far one of the best looking games on the PS3, very realistic looking for a game based ~200 years in the future. Good learning curve, however one may hit a brick wall on the last event series. A lot of fun to play, has offline two-player splitscreen. Weapons system is highly user friendly, but aim will cause some frustration. I find point-blank always works best . User friendly, easy to read gauges and meters for health and speed. Online is just as graceful as BurnOut, but not quite as good. Has multiple race modes, including Race, Time Trial, Tournament, and Zone (drive around a track until you explode. No weapons, no slowing down!). Twelve different ships with four skins each, and of varied strengths and weaknesses make for an intense racing game.

Cons: Small game. Only eight tracks, but sixteen if you count forwards and backwards. Often gets frustrating at higher speeds, AI Cheats, like most other games, only it is more noticeable in this game, compared to say, UnderCover. Otherwise, not much is wrong with this game. Price is perfect at twenty dollars on the PSN. Can only display speed in KM/H.
MotorStorm: Pacific Rift Pros: SUPER intense racing. Meant for those with an incredibly aggressive driving style. Eight or nine types of vehicles, ranging from bikes to monster trucks makes races very interesting. Gorgeous graphics and great physics make this a highly realistic game. Damage modeling is pretty good, and you will notice your vehicle get dirty through mud, wet in water, and you crash instantly in magma. Crash physics can be... entertaining, and I'll leave it at that.

Cons: Annoying at times, some races are almost impossible. Two types of game modes only, a normal race and the "eliminator." Limited number of tracks, only about 12, but It will take an extremely long time to know each one down pat. Different vehicles within a class all have the same stats. For example, the Ducati-looking bike and the cheap looking dirt bike handle, boost, and accelerate EXACTLY THE SAME. Good racing lines make all the difference. Positions often spaz out on you, and you will often drop from second or third to twelfth or thirteenth, which can be frustrating. Mud is a pain in the you-know-where. No customization.
Full Auto 2: Battlelines Pros: Highly entertaining, even well after game completion. Lots of weapons and skins to unlock. Weapons are also highly varied, ranging from a pair of .30 caliber machine guns to the "Titan Rockets" which are arguably one of the best weapons in the game. Lots of vehicles, however, all are fake. At least three "skins" for each vehicle, and often four. Offline and online multiplayer are excellent, and career has a nice, if steep, difficulty curve. Different classes, ranging from the D-Class (primarily slow, heavily armored trucks) to the A-Class (fast and light, but very lightly armored with almost no weapon capacity) to the final two S-Class cars, which are fast, heavily armored, and can take a heavy loadout.

Cons: Short. It seems long if you look at a completed game, but it takes a very, very short time to complete. Rented it for the weekend, and was up to the second-to-last stage of the game. Poor sense of speed, and... odd physics. I.E an glancing blow of a wall will send you into a violent spin out, or throw you 20 feet in the air. It's hard to tell. Game becomes almost infuiatingly difficult at the end, but is still manageable one you figure out what to do. Combative style of racing is not for those who prefer to just blitz past everyone. No customization.
Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Pros: Drop-dead gorgeous. Perfect physics, in-depth tuning for vehicles, and though short (forty races in all) it will take a long time to beat the last ten, and to purchase all the cars. Cars range from your grandmothers Suzuki to cars you won't see on the streets. Some cars have zillions of paint colors to choose from, others have only a couple. Money, or "Credits" as they're called in GT5, is pretty easy to come by. You get Credits for online, too!

Cons: No customization, a BS penalty system on the last ten races can result in a broken controller. Sit away from hard objects on those, especially S-7 and S-10. Sometimes odd physics when you collide violently with a wall at high speeds, even at small angles. The AI cannot be penalized, and will stop at NOTHING to get the best racing line. Prepare to be rammed and pay for it. Online has no option that I can find to make your own event, and almost all online races have penalties. Car list is limited, and you have to buy a completely new car to get a new paint job. Only six courses. However, this is a "prologue" of a game that will supposedly have five or six hundred cars, and over six hundred tracks, with DLC to be released later.
Didn't know what you had, so I felt I should cover all of my bases. I don't know anything about GRID or Midnight Club: LA though. Ask someone else about them.

User Info: miken50bod

8 years ago#7

if you want a realistic race sim i recommend race driver grid, the cars are great and fun, the game is fairly easy but there are different difficulty's, burnout is great, many cars to choose from and bikes and more things to come soon like the new island also another thing that is over looked about the game is the music there is some great music in burnout and you can use your own music in the game, where as the music from undercover is rubbish and i ended up turning it off all together, need for speed is supposed to be realistic but if you want realism go for grid, if you want customization go for midnight club, it has some DLCs out now and one is a whole new map which is really big.

User Info: BKelly95

8 years ago#8
Great. And how does Midnight Club: Los Angeles stack up?
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User Info: tocalegend

8 years ago#9
lack of GRID and MC:LA in this topic astonishes me,

GRID is the perfect racer for anyone who likes touring cars,open wheel, drifting etc, where you start with a low budget team and work your way up to le mans, and with amazing crash physics and graphics is a must own

Midnight club:LA is a better version of undercover, it does everything undercover does and then some more, more custimisation, better story, more cars, more traffic and pedestrians, better damage, in short if you are after a street racing game rather than a circuit racer this is the one to go for, i spent £15 on this at xmas, one of the best gaming investments ive made this gen, NFS:U ive rented, and still feel ripped off
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User Info: bvanbove

8 years ago#10
Here's your Grid. It's a really really good racing game. Its about as close to (if not the same) as Gran Turismo (OK...GT is better) as you're going to get right now. The racing is very realistic and dead-on...the customization of cars is great considering it isnt a Need for Speed or Midnight Club type of are great, especially if you have a good TV though isnt neccesary.

Now GT5 is coming out not that far down the if you really just want a pure, pedal to the medal, racing game...wait for that. It is undeniably the KING of the racing games for the past...well ever. You will spend years playing it through and it is just overall well worth the money...hell i'd pay more for it.

If you just want a fun, slightly "arcadey" game, then NFS is probably your best bet (not ProStreet...DO NOT BUY THAT GAME!!!). In my opinion, the only other one that stands up to it is Burnout:Paradise. That is a fun game.

I know im skipping over some games but seeing as a poster basically did a whole rundown of every racing game out there now (great job by the way...dedication!!) this is just my opinion.
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