Nice Glitch, need it tested!

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User Info: lightjedi6

8 years ago#1
I am not sure of my version of need for speed undercover but I discovered a glitch and I wouldn't mind someone testing it for me! and How do i post this onto part of the game info since the "cheats and glitches" tab isn't their? I did not find this glitch on the internet or learn it from someone it is 100% my own discovery.

Well back to topic, My glitch is this: you can get upgrades such as engine or nitrous for free or reduced prices. note:works best with cars with no upgrades.

we are going to presume you just bought a car and it has all stock parts on it

step 1: choose the car and go under performance.
step2: choose one of the selections for this lets say engine.
step 3: go to the level you are wanting to buy, say semi-racing and select it with A and it will ask if you wish to buy it for X number of dollars, press B to cancel and press A again to buy it for 0 dollars.

Note: if you have already upgraded that part it will only reduce the price to the amount of what the currently mounted part costs example: you upgraded nitrous from stock to street for $3,000 and now you wish to upgrade to semi-racing for $7,000 and your perform this glitch now you only have to pay another $3,000

Please email me at if you try this glitch and tell me if it works or not!
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