How do I use a Submission move?

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User Info: JordanVM

8 years ago#1
I've had the demo for a few days, loved it so far. I've got the kicks and punches and simple strategy down, but I don't know how to use a submission move.

Also, can someone give me advice on how to hold my own on the ground? On the easiest setting I can destroy anyone, but if I bump up the difficulty, I know I'm done when I get on my back.

User Info: Jackel585

8 years ago#2
Since you don't wanna search past posts....

First off, rotate right stick for best chance at pulling off a submission.

Second, your opponent has to be worn down correctly. This I will break down:

You can be tired (stamina) or weakened (basically your health). As for being weakened, your striking, kicks, sub offense, and sub defense can all be weakened independently of each other.Certain submissions from certain positions need the opponent to be tired, some need them to be weakened, some need them to be both

You can use the left stick to cancel a submission without losing position if you know you may not pull it off.

To escape submissions:

1. Keep mashing any button - this is mostly dependent on their sub offense vs your sub defense both accounting for stamina, and positions also. Also certain subs, your strength comes into play.

2. Keep rotating your right stick - This will get you out with a technical maneuver and usually put you in an advantageous position. This is mostly dependent on your positions, sub defense, and your grapple offense in regards to their sub offense and grapple defense. (in the demo this is what you should do with Shogun to escape)

3. Keep pressing all four A,B,X,Y - This will get you out with Brute force and usually bring you to your feet. This is dependent on your sub defense and strength. (in Demo this is what you should do with Chuck to escape)

Also, remember in regards to stamina... even with "full stamina" you may end up doing enough to make you temporarily tired and that is the best time to strike or make a sub attempt.

Also, Chuck is not a submission artist, but great at avoiding subs and takedowns in general. Shogun isn't a BJJ master....

Finally, people need to defend against transitions rather than make them themselves if they wanna wear down opponent. Also need to be accurate on your right stick, and treat it like you are flicking the motion instead of holding it when you complete the motion. Transitions cost you stamina, defending costs your opponent stamina instead. Don't wildly flail on the right stick.

An example of some of the finer points of the submission game...
Imagine you are Shogun trying to get Chuck with a triangle choke...

Just because stamina is gone doesn't mean their strength is gone remember

Basically you can weaken their overall strength, their arms, and their legs all independently from each other. For a fighter like Chuck who has extremely good sub defense, you have to weaken their strength too. If you are going for an armbar you need to weaken arm strength, kneebar - leg strength.

In the example... on expert, to pull a triangle off on Chuck with Shogun... usually you will need to have met the following conditions...

#1: Chuck needs low stamina
#2 Chuck needs to be overall weakened
#3 Shogun needs to still be strong (legs and arms and body)
#4 Shogun needs stamina

Don't forget though....

Chuck SUCKS at subbing, GREAT at avoiding subs....
Shogun isn't exactly "excellent" at subbing himself... it is not easy, especially on expert.

User Info: KurseMaul

8 years ago#3
Depending on your fighters submission off or defense you either button smash or rotate the right stick. Not sure what the number cutoffs are though.

Pressing the RS when your in the right position will attempt a submission.
Hate Heals, you should try it some time.

User Info: saintsfan

8 years ago#4
Be warned though, even if you've completely destroyed Liddell and you're not hurt at all, it's still next to impossible to do subs on the higher difficulties.

User Info: JordanVM

8 years ago#5
Ok, thanks for the quick responses guys. I'll try them out tomorrow.
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