Good, bad, maybe? First impressions please.

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User Info: Longhorns747

9 years ago#1
First topic maybe?

Also, what are your first impressions of this game.
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User Info: Rodanguirus

9 years ago#2
I only played two stages, single-player. The concept is there, but so far it's too slow and has a definite lack of challenge. I'm counting on both factors ramping up in later levels. I give credit for being able to control with motion-sensing, and being able to play with just the nunchuck. Get a few friends to play, amp up the speed, and get some more varied enemies (all will hopefully happen later) and there's some very nice potential here.

User Info: blonz

9 years ago#3
700 points is cheap..

User Info: vallxtreme

9 years ago#4
My biggest impression so far...

Kinda boring when played alone yet still enjoyable and fun
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User Info: Comandante42

9 years ago#5
I've been waiting for this game since WiiWare was launched and just spent the last of my points on it. Visually, Gyrostarr is definitely above average, and it's likely that the visual quality will be the game's strongest aspect. Having played through the first few levels, the difficulty is nothing too easy or anywhere near impossible, and the bonus levels are great for breathers in between levels.

The biggest problem with the game is that the experience may prove to be too repetitive. 50 levels of space track is still 50 levels of space track, no matter how many times you change the background; the only obstacles are enemies, the only directional changes come as the path curves and bends. There is also the argument that the game had more potential: why didn't High Voltage include some kind of online co-op or at least leaderboards? That would greatly extended the replay value, but might in turn have ramped up the game's cost (1000 points? 1500? Who knows how far Nintendo would take it.).

All in all, Gyrostarr is a steal for only 700 points. 50 levels should be enough for any shooter enthusiast, along with the ability to aim for the high scores of each level and four player co-op. This is one of the better titles to emerge from WiiWare, but it could have been so much more. Maybe a sequel wouldn't be out of the question if Gyrostarr sells well...
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User Info: wutangscatt

9 years ago#6
Single Player impressions after one hour...

+Pretty slick visuals with an incredible sense of speed
+Tight motion and traditional control set-ups
+Unique style of gameplay

-Really repetitive
-Little enemy or stage variety
-It doesn't feel like it provides much of an addictive edge. This is a problem in a game where the goal is reaching the high score.
-The music is generic dance beats which fit the atmosphere, but offers nothing memorable


Maybe it's better as a multiplayer game, but I wasn't impressed. Not the best way to spend $7.

User Info: danielmg

9 years ago#7
On my first game I got to level 20 and then decided it was time to die. It gets progressively harder but level 20 still seemed easy. There are 50 levels altogether and you have the option of starting at any of the levels you have beaten the next time you play. The graphics and music are well done in a techno Galaxy Wars/F-Zero style.
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User Info: L0tto23

9 years ago#8
hmm.. thanks for the impressions. Now if only some more videos were made showing off this game besides that one trailer, lol.
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User Info: Dark Mousy

Dark Mousy
9 years ago#9
I like it so far. I agree though, the levels need to be more intense with more enemies (I don't even care about variation, just more on the screen at once).
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User Info: ECMIM

9 years ago#10
Easy, boring, and ugly--how a game this simple can't manage 60fps kinda makes you worry about how The Conduit is going ot turn out in the end.

I agree with most of what has been posted, especially in that any game in this vein (Geometry Wars, Tempest et al, classic arcade 'em ups) that doesn't have that nigh-instant-addiciton factor is doomed from the outset.

I made it to level 17 or so before I finally had enough (no deaths!) and I don't think I'll be going back to it.
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