Good, bad, maybe? First impressions please.

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User Info: Berzerktank

9 years ago#11
From ECM
Easy, boring, and ugly--how a game this simple can't manage 60fps kinda makes you worry about how The Conduit is going ot turn out in the end.

The human eye can only see about 30fps. Why is 60 necessary?

User Info: Longhorns747

9 years ago#12
Oh man, soooo glad I picked this up. Once you get up to good speeds it's insane XD
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User Info: L0tto23

9 years ago#13
Pretty sure the human eye can perceive over 30fps, just saying XD
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User Info: wutangscatt

9 years ago#14
After two hours of gameplay, here is my IGN style review...

Presentation - 5.0
The menus are easy to navigate and it's not intimidating to jump into. The game feels like it needs a character or a loose story or something more to

Graphics - 7.5
Pretty nice for a $7 Wiiware game. The great sense of speed deliver some thrills as you navigate the courses and the ship models and lighting effects are quite good. The visuals look a little murky with the colors kind of bleeding together, but overall a solid effort.

Sound - 5.5
Generic techno beats combine with generic shooting noises to generate a mediocre aural package. The sparse voice acting helps a bit I suppose. The audio department needed more attention. High Voltage Software should have looked back on games like Rez and Amplitude where each sound builds to the experience and enhances the game.

Gameplay - 6.5
A pretty good concept. The shooting and level design is kind of straight-forward once you get the hang of how the game functions, but it works. Repetition and the lack of an addictive edge hurts this game. Online leaderboards and more variety would have helped.

Lasting Appeal - 6.0
With 50 levels, bonus stages, and multiplayer support, Gyrostarr will probably have you coming back for a few sessions, but it's not a deep enough experience to hold your attention for a great duration of time.

Overall - 6.4

User Info: Drrust

9 years ago#15
24 fps is minimal and 72 fps is the smoothest. Nothing wrong with anything in between those numbers as far as games go.
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User Info: Starman49843

9 years ago#16
Well, maybe I just suck at this, but I found it entirely too difficult to see very far down the track, with the portal thing in front of you being the same color as the energy balls you have to collect. Unless you pay full attention to the track way the heck in front of you, there's often not enough time to move your ship far enough to collect it. Bonus levels?? Yawn. It gets so ridiculously fast that collecting energy becomes partially based on luck.

But considering I've already downloaded everything on VC that's even worth my time, I'm hoping this will help keep me occupied until next Monday.

User Info: h3llb3nt

9 years ago#17
100% worth the 700 points. One of the best Wii Ware games so far (and I've played every single one of them). Buy without worry.

User Info: Starman49843

9 years ago#18
One of the best Wii Ware games so far?? Possibly, but that's not really saying much imo. There's only a few that I haven't COMPLETELY regretted getting.
If VC had a better selection, maybe I wouldn't be reduced to downloading games of marginal quality to tide me over for a week while I get my hopes up that a good game or two will come out NEXT week.

Maybe it's time to go back and finish playing the games I was playing before I got my Wii for a while.

User Info: Doby_G

9 years ago#19
the human eye can only see on the order of 24 frames per second if i'm not mistaken--the VHS standard was 29.97fps (originally 30, but there was a problem with interference between video and audio signals so the fps was reduced 1000/1001), and due to the motion blur captured when the shutter opens (normally 2 or 3 captures within this time, giving that motion blur you can see when you freeze-frame) it looks pretty darn good to us.

DVD switched things up on capable TVs, since TVs now can display up to 60 hertz, (might be even more now? I've heard of a 75Hz monitor...I think...) allowing for 60fps to be actually displayed, giving that supersmooth gameplay image even though the human eye can't pick up every frame (rather than included motion blur, the speed of the frame exchange creates a motion blur more along the lines of the eye approximating real-life action) that's displayed. F-Zero GX is a great game to check this on--when watching a cutscene vs. playing the game, the cutscenes look "slower" even though you'd think the cutscenes, developed without need for the console hardware's processing, could look infinitely better. The problem is the videos are captured at a frame rate and replayed, while the game, when running at peak, is running in a system not bound by precaptured frames.

In summation, the framerate displayed, assuming its over 30, will fill every frame our eye can grasp, but 60fps games look noticeably smoother. Play GTA: San Andreas...the game feels like you're playing in quicksand even though it was 25fps. I think it has something to do with the control input processing too...although I'm not too familliar with programming of that magnitude.

L0tto, no dice on the human eye > 30fps thing, unless you've got some data I haven't seen...

Berzerktank, that should answer your question as to why 60fps is necessary...30 can allow for a lot more complexity to be processed with simpler hardware--Final Fantasy XII wouldn't be anywhere near as complex feeling if they attempted to display it at 60fps. Try playing Mario Kart Wii with 3 or more players--it slows the output to 30fps and there's a noticible gameplay difference, controlwise and output-wise...

Drrust - I'm sure 72fps is technically feasible but it's not any country's output standard (and never was), and I'm pretty sure barely any monitors are powerful enough to display with that refresh rate anyway, meaning they'd be dropping 12 of the displayed frames per second. Typically games are either developed with 30fps or 60 fps in mind, at least post-PS1 era...some of those games were pretty slow. 25fps is about as slow as a game will allow things to be on a console these days--Equipped PC's can run old games like CS at 800fps but the display is limited to the monitor's capabilities.

Framerate confusion oblierated. Now off to try this game. And for the record, WiiWare games so far have been pretty great--LostWinds was interesting enough, Star Soldier is gaming crack (all my friends are hooked--we're all over 1 mil in 2 min mode), Defend Your Castle is fun with friends in short bursts...I have no regrets so far on what I've purchased.

-doby / swerd

User Info: Berzerktank

9 years ago#20
Well, I learned something today.

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