Good, bad, maybe? First impressions please.

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User Info: QwertyFortyTwo

9 years ago#21
This game, like a lot of other games, is completely worthless without friends. My brother's friends were over, and you could tell just by watching that they were having a lot more fun doing four-player than my brother and I did doing two-player last night. If you pick it up, but be patient with it, and make sure you only break it out during parties or whenever else you have a large group.

As far as presentation, it feels like the bizarre lovechild of Rez, F-Zero, and Geometry Wars. Kudos to the designers for the innovations in controls, and it's nice that you can personalize your ship color.

Will I recommend it? No, not really, especially not with better games available for download like Gunstar Heroes, Bomberman '93, Sonic 2, and, heck, even Defend Your Castle. But is it fun in a group? Absolutely. It is a resounding success insofar as making the arcade shooter into a party game. But I don't know if I could conscientiously recommend the title if you have not picked up F-Zero X, F-Zero GX, or Ikaruga, all of which come across as very similar experiences. But, in it's own way, it's a great time, and I don't get where all of the frothing hatred stems from.
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User Info: GrAyFoX312k

9 years ago#22
If you want a deep intense shooter, then get sin and punishment from the virtual console. Be warned, it is from the 64. Fun as hell though.
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User Info: monkeylemur

9 years ago#23
this game is the best wii ware if u hav a lotta friends

the last lvl looks stunning, wow
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  3. Good, bad, maybe? First impressions please.

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