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User Info: PescadoPlus

9 years ago#1
4 players, 3 Wii remotes, 1 nunchuck. I volunteered to take the nunchuck and it just didn't feel right in either hand. At first I traded hands every stage, but in the end I stuck to the left hand. I found I can steer better with the left hand and hit the fire button faster with my right.

I'm curious about which hand an ambidextrous person would roll with...
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User Info: zero42g

9 years ago#2
probably 'either' :P

User Info: Drrust

9 years ago#3
both hands.
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User Info: Monkeymascot

9 years ago#4
I use my left hand. My right hand just feels awkward.

Oh... we're talking about Gyrostarr. I don't have this game.
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User Info: alejandro1994

9 years ago#5
that's probably because in video games, you usually use an analog stick with the left hand and use a trigger with the right hand.

SOLUTION: use both hands
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