Difference between medium and hard difficulty?

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User Info: PCgamer420

8 years ago#1

I just picked this game up today and I'm wondering what the differences are between medium and hard difficulty. I certainly want a challenge but if hard is next to impossible then I'll just play it on med. It's my second ever 3rd person game after Mass Effect 'cause I prefer 1st person shooters but I had to get this after reading the rave reviews


User Info: Zondergrod

8 years ago#2
your guns will suck just a little bit more, and the enemies will hit a bit harder but that's about it.

User Info: Naru2005

8 years ago#3
Stick with Medium first. Then, make most of your memories and carry over to Hard difficulty. You'll have a less frustrating time.


User Info: amondor

8 years ago#4
I dont agrree on that.

Its a survival horror. Atleast i newer seem to enjoy these games as much on the second playtrough when i already know what happens adn when. The Horror part somehow dissapears.

Hard makes you feel a bit more vulnerable than normal does.

User Info: monkeymoose5000

8 years ago#5
Less amount of ammo when it's dropped by enemies too I believe.

User Info: Energy Surge

Energy Surge
8 years ago#6
Medium was too easy for me, so I started over on Hard halfway through Chapter 2. The game was still too easy, but that's because I was very cautious and conserved my ammo throughout the first half of the game.

I did everything I could to maximize my net worth of assets. If my inventory was full, instead of dropping something worthless, I'd walk back to the Store and stick extra stuff in the safe. Enemies don't respawn, and there are no time limits, so walking back only consumes time.

I also carried the Line Gun around, without really using it. Line Racks have the highest valued ammo per drop (tied with the Contact Energy). Because the game drops ammo for weapons your carrying most of the time, carrying the weapon influenced the values of my drops. Also it's ammo might have the most value per inventory slot (not sure on that) if it does, that enabled me to carry around valuable items without sacrificing inventory space.

By the end of the game, I had so many extra items, most of it line racks, that I could afford to buy as many med kits and primary weapon ammo as I needed, and still have enough money left over to justify extra power nodes to upgrade things. Now that I had lots of stuff, I was being less careful and the game felt like an action game. The game essentially lost it's survival aspect, because I was so laden with surplus supplies.
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User Info: Dasim64

8 years ago#7

I played on medium first and then on Impossible once that was unlocked. On impossible I noticed that enemies became much harder to kill. They also did more damage to me. In particular most of the bosses could easily one shot me where on medium it may take 2 or 3 hits for them to kill me. Much less room for error on the harder setting. There were also places where more enemies seemed to come out but maybe it just seemed that way because they were harder to kill which made the area more difficult.

Having played through already though made it much easier because I knew how to properly utilize my resources. It helps a lot to know where to use the nodes first and how to plan out weapon usage. I only used two weapons on Impossible, the Plasma Cutter and the Force Gun. It's also important on Impossible to make good use of Stasis to slow down the more difficult enemies. Put some nodes into Stasis and make sure to carry around a couple of Stasis rechargers all the time. Make sure you have plenty of health packs and ammo. The first thing I did on the more difficult setting was start upgrading weapon damage. I also made sure I always had a lot of ammo. Those two things are probably the most important. If you can't kill something, nothing else you do matters.

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