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8 years ago#1
ok im really confuse about making an Inquisitor so i come here to ask you guys to help me out i have look at some builds at sacredwiki and not sure what to pick. i just want to able to kill bosses and take out groups fast, also want to stay alive. all the builds look the same. here are sum questions.

1. do i have to take all three skill trees to be powerful?
2. if i dont which two skill trees should i pick?
3. what skills should i pick and what mods.

User Info: HamHead_33

8 years ago#2
Ok, the inquisitor can do lots of damage with the purifying chastisement buff on, only problem is it requires you to get hit and have low hp. Now with the Zelous dopplaganger* as a permanent buff, dying is not as frustrating, you just pop up where your ZD is and keep going. As far as killing large groups, there are a few different ways to do this. You could go astitute supremancy* for the clustering malstreom/levy array combo which works well. Having the top aspect as your skill choices can increase the damage done by ruthless mutilation and callous execution. Having your INQ do lots of damage, you can also use the CA that gives you an ally if the foe goes down while under the affect of the CA. If you can kill them fast enough, use this CA to form your own army of souls to fight for you. This CA is in the bottom tree with soul reaver but me personaly, I went with the top two trees. Duel wield for the additional sockets. Take constitution armor lore and spell resitance for some defense skills tactics lore for offense as well as a weapon type, or duel wield. I took bargain and i'm keeping it at level to buy good items in higher diffculty. Study the CA section on sacred wiki to learn different ways to mod your CAs, helpful with the tougher characters like the Inq, or the dryad.

Sorry for spelling errors, i'm in a hurry.
Psn: HamHead33

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