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User Info: InvisibleYogurt

8 years ago#1
Just so y'all know. Unlike the original release of the Operation Darkness demo (when the game was still Japan-only), it's not region-restricted.

MASSIVE language barrier of course, since this is a visual novel. You can still watch an IDOLM@STER-esque performance with a freely rotatable camera (though it cleverly cuts your field of movement off to prevent upskirt-peeping) though!
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User Info: LazyNinjaPiggy

8 years ago#2
indeed, barely understood anything, but seemed real interesting.
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Is that so?

User Info: Gamelo

7 years ago#3

I didint know you could rotate the camera.... oh the things id of done... :twisted:

User Info: Zanbie Xanvier

Zanbie Xanvier
7 years ago#4
Seems they replaced the anime movie sequences in the original with real time ones now. Not that it's a bad thing, some of their original animation was slightly off model.
Is that it is snowing only this paradise?
The paradise was already Alice's playground.

User Info: TatsuSuou

7 years ago#5
The music and animation (or is that graphics?) were great, too bad I didn't understand what was going on. I'm gonna have to have another look at the Happy Holiday performance again to try rotating the camera.
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User Info: InvisibleYogurt

7 years ago#6
Oh yeah, unsurprisingly, all the H-scenes from the PC version have been removed in the full game.

User Info: zpoope

7 years ago#7
I think I might have seen something yellow with pink polka dots.

It's not the poop. It's the mystery... behind the poop.

User Info: Mobius_Breaker

7 years ago#8
Just got this... and... I have no clue what's going on...

I mean... I read a crap-load text...1% of which I understood... and..
the red head... she kicks the the wod out of this one guy, and I'm like... O.O The heck was that?!
Then she kicks me! I wonder if this would be as funny if my japanese was better?^_^
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User Info: E Nice

E Nice
7 years ago#9
She kicks high. *cough*

If you get to the beach, or just before it, the maid is in green swimsuit and the guy with her is in a thong. That's laugh material right there. At least he gets knocked down at some point.
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User Info: Zanbie Xanvier

Zanbie Xanvier
7 years ago#10
I always thought Hisamitsu (the guy) was actually completely naked, and the "thong" was just a makeshift censor bar.
Is that it is snowing only this paradise?
The paradise was already Alice's playground.
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