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User Info: Almightypatapon

8 years ago#1
I just want to see some ideas that people have for patapon 3. Like some of my ideas are like different point of views (play as zigitons or something) or it could be a really cool prologue (or what ever it is called for before the first game happens) where you could play as the old patapons (like the ones in the starting video for 1 and have weapons and stuff like them) during their "golden times" or what ever they called it. But it would be really cool.
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User Info: Naharud

8 years ago#2
Getting to choose your own music for each battle (maybe only after you beat the game, or collect the "sound" files). It gets annoying when you fight the same boss with the same chants all day long trying to farm. @_@

User Info: 1dragon155

8 years ago#3
What I would like to see in Patapon 3 is this:

New Units:
I have two ideas for new units.
The first would have to be cannon pons. You know the cannons in patapon 2? Well, the these patapons would simply push those cannons around and fire at the enemy. There could be different kinds of cannons for the patapons to use.

The second unit would be Summoner patapons. These guys would be cool and could be compared to megapons in 1 or mahopons in 2. Simply what they do is that they can summon all sorts of creatures to attack. From bears and turtles to demons and angels. There weapons would be books (since staffs are already in use) and different books can summon different things. There would be some balancing issues but i think they can pull it off.

New levels:
I would love to see water levels. Honestly, they can have a ship idea. Have your range units on a ship give it a life bar and send it against other ships. You can have melee units also attempt to board the enemy ships. This would also allow for new boss ideas. Karken or Killer whale anyone?

Finally, more minigames would be nice. Online play would also be cool.

User Info: monsterlord

8 years ago#4
The second unit would be Summoner patapons

This is a horrible idea >_>

Only things I really want in the next game are more seige levels, and changes in terrain. Would be nice to have a little elevation for a change.
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User Info: Shadow Edge

Shadow Edge
8 years ago#5


User Info: Sandyoso

8 years ago#6
Slopes would be a good idea.

I don't think they need more units. Maybe more Rarepons, but if they try to add more units, it'd feel awkward and forced.

I'd like to see a new chant -- invisible. Basically, it'll replace jump, and it's purpose will be to avoid all attacks. The only catch is it takes two separate chants to activate. One for the powerup, and one to actually cast. :monocle: <3

User Info: beerbaron1

8 years ago#7
well you know what would be good, is you know how you are stuck with 3 kibapons or 3 mahopons, i would like is that you can create as many as you want and it gives you a certain amount of pataponn you could put to a team so you could create your own team of however many yaripons, or megapons that would be awesome

User Info: hameh93

8 years ago#8

Well everything W wanted in Patapon 2 that wasn;t it Patapon 1 they out. Patapon 2 is literly the perfect game I give it a 10 in all expects so I would like them to keep it the same just add new units and different looking levels with newer bosses because the bosses are my favorite thing about the Patapon games!

User Info: hameh93

8 years ago#9

I also forgot new mini games like the two brothers that give you potions that is the best mini game!

User Info: OogidaBoogida

8 years ago#10
I had a wierd dream that patapon was on the PS3, had a drum attachment, and was 2.5D with a platform that curves and winds around in 3D. My actual ideas are that Patapon 3 could have a laser beam class that actually shoots forward and can go through enemies. Another idea would be a ninja pon that can throw shuriken, teleport a few spaces, and be really awesome and such.
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