Can you tell me what equip that was?

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  3. Can you tell me what equip that was?

User Info: Chrynos1989

5 years ago#1
Did today this mission where you have to retrieve the catapult and got that staff dropped which looked like a cross with a circle around it. Couldn't pick it up because I had to renew the tailwind juju or the catapult would have been gone for good... So plz tell me that it wasn't some kind of rare staff. From what I heard it could have been the drum staff... And if it was the drum stuff, can I get the drop again? I know that heaven and ancient weapons only drop once but how is it about drum weapons or other rares?

User Info: Chuck57841

5 years ago#2

Sorry, I have no idea what a drum staff is and I'll probably be the only one to respond. Maybe apples might know, try asking him in the other thread.

User Info: apples1671

5 years ago#3
The best I can do is redirect you to here:
Use the search bar. It's up there^^^.
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  3. Can you tell me what equip that was?

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