Skill Tree Charts (with skill descriptions, SP needed)

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User Info: eerational

8 years ago#1
I know there are some skill tree pictures around, but I wanted the skill descriptions and amount of SP needed in too, so I made up my own charts, using info from black murasame63 and defunct32's FAQs.

It ain't pretty but it's functional. Also, it's kinda huge... The info won't fit in nicely, otherwise. Hope you guys will find it useful, anyhow.

I have two versions, one plain and one colour-coded for the different types of skills.

Killian (Plain):
Killian (Color-coded):

I only have Killian at the moment, will work on the rest later, need to sleep :)

Any feedback will be appreciated :)

User Info: triplesix00

8 years ago#2
Great job! I like the color-coded one best. I look forward to seeing the others.

User Info: holyknight14

8 years ago#3
Wow, that color coded one is really nice, too bad I don't play the game anymore lol :(.
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User Info: SephirothYuyX

8 years ago#4
Very nice, get the others up asap.
I Am, Who I Am.

User Info: Berserker_Blade

8 years ago#5
This looks well done. You need to submit this to Gamefaqs. Just add a copyright and you are good to go.
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User Info: eerational

8 years ago#6
Thanks for the feedback! Since the colour-coded ones seem more popular, I'll just do them with the colour from now on :)

Sorry about the slowness, but I've only managed to do Spinel for now... This is a surprisingly tedious task since I have to keep referring to the different FAQs for the info. I'll try and get Gelts out soon :)

Anyway, here is the chart for Spinel:

I also updated the Killian chart because I realised that Sanctuary is a triple technique, not a double... lol.

Here is the updated chart for Killian:

I will submit them to GameFAQs soon, and once I'm done with all the characters I'll merge the different files into 1 handy PDF file for everyone :)

Thanks again and be back later with more!

User Info: onionring1988

8 years ago#7
Very good guide! Keep up the good work. I believe this could help a lot of people who have no idea where to pour a character's SP (MY SETUP)
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  3. Skill Tree Charts (with skill descriptions, SP needed)

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