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User Info: Instag8or

6 years ago#1
I wish I would have checked this forum before i bought this game on recomendation from a friend,

Not a good sign when the most recent post is six months ago, the board is long dead, and no more online racing.
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User Info: Echo02

6 years ago#2
I've recently ordered this game (should come in the next few days). I'm also disappointed that this board is dead but I know why. Race Pro isn't your average Xbox 360 racing game, more like a PC sim racer, and obviously isn't the target audience for most console gamers (much like the excellent space sim DarkStar One). It's also an old game now, most console gamers don't have the patience to stick to one game and move on very quickly to the next hyped-up title.

As for me, I'm really looking forward to playing this - offline, as I don't do online gaming (bores me) and I'll be putting plenty of hours into it.
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User Info: dvdijck

6 years ago#3
It still is a good racegame......
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