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User Info: RufusFunkerdale

6 years ago#1
im stuck on the black splash screen that says this. i went to the main site and it said the server is up, so any clue whats going on?

User Info: HEELRivera

6 years ago#2
Having the same issue right now.
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User Info: Tenth

6 years ago#3
Haven't been able to get on for 2 days now, because of this. I actually managed to get on earlier, while the servers were down.

Sony wasn't ready for F2P.

Okay, now... you guys ready for the "I'm not having any issues, it must be your connection" posters?

User Info: Antikythera

6 years ago#4
I think they were kind of ready for F2P, but didn't expect 120k new pc subs.

User Info: pres_madagascar

6 years ago#5
Play late night like me

User Info: Amulidori

6 years ago#6
Having the same issue. Oh well.
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User Info: LUMIN4RY

6 years ago#7

DCUO Fail2Play hasn't been working correctly since it started. I bet it will be down the whole weekend...

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