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Level 30 Mentor Quest Trouble

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User Info: rvd_ace

6 years ago#1

Hhi guys,

I just hit level 30 (gadget/duel pistols), my mentor is batman and I am doing his level 30 quest star labs (Brain Pain). I got to the STAR Lab and went all the way to near the end ( I think ), I had to repaid 4 turrets and then fend off waves of Brianiac tropps.

The swam of enemies was a little to much for me so I wiped a few times and had to go repair. When I came back to the instance it was reset, it took me a bit of time to get to where I was so I was pretty annoyed and gave up for the night.

Just wondering if anyone can help me with this quest or also having problems with their level 30 mentor quests.


User Info: Sareph

6 years ago#2
There are often people looking for help with the instanced part of the missions, especially later on. Just send a shout asking if anyone else is doing the mission and you should be able to find someone.
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User Info: rvd_ace

6 years ago#3


User Info: jaredt13

6 years ago#4
Did you use the healing barrels? I didn't realize they were there until my on my 2nd try one of the enemies blew one up, then I got it on my next try using them.

User Info: rvd_ace

6 years ago#5

Those damn things focused on me so I died before I could get the healing barel open (only 1 I saw).

Should I just let them attack the turret for a bit?

I was really annoyed because I had to restart the instance.

User Info: kniteflow

6 years ago#6
i did both the magic and tech endgames solo, and i have to say the tech one is much harder. the magic one (limbo) just felt like a regular dungeon.
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