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User Info: RufusNKenRSTier

6 years ago#1
Given what you know about the game now, would you have paid to play this MMO back when it was released? Would you pay now if they decided to drop the free to play model (I know they won't, its purely a hypothetical question).

User Info: hero_hunter

6 years ago#2

There are other games I'd rather pay for. That said. I have no problem dropping a few bucks into the marketplace on occasion.
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User Info: Buff0x

6 years ago#3
I'm enjoying the game... as free to play. I don't believe it has much depth to it at the moment to warrant paying. if however I am still playing it and they bring out a nice DLC pack, I will then consider buying that.
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User Info: SonicTMP

6 years ago#4
Servers bugs and problems aside, I lived thru WoW's launch so I've seen far worse.

I'm almost level cap and thats sad. It really doens't take much time to get anywhere. The fighting system is rather bland, it might be more insteresting if lag/bugs wasn't hosing it up part of the time but PSU had a better hack and slash setup.

Interface needs work. Clunky, made for console is unaccpetable for PC espically when the servers are seperate. Lack of starting costume options is painful condicering what City of Heroes and Champions Online started with.

The story arcs are rather interesting. I like that you get sort of a comic book clip at the end when you first finish the arc for an instance. Interaciton with the NPC's is kinda low. You get yakked at alot but they don't really help you often. The Voice acting is decent, some characters are bad most are good.

Races are an interesting idea, though I wish it was eaiser to find/track them instead of flying around blindly. Not overly challenging either.

The collect-o-ramma sucks ass. I got tired of that in after donkey kong 64. It's just ranomd sound clips that sometimes tie into what your story arc is. Investagations are easy enough to find but briefings are a major pain in the ass since they are hidden in every freaking out of the way place possible.

Collections ar e joke, As if there wasn't enough to "collect" they randomize the yellow stuff. Very annoying.

I do like that Feats are more intergrated witht he game. Giving you extra skill points, though it's more of a fluff for passive stats.

Overall, I wouldn't pay 60 bucks for the game. Seeing as you can get thru 80-90% of the content ina month is patheticly bad for an MMORPG.

It has some interesting concepts but would of been better as a single player sandbox type game with the Legends pvp online mode.

No I wouldn't pay, game needs work, more content still has plenty of bugs.

User Info: Vertanius

6 years ago#5
Hell no, if the game is so buggy now I can't imagine what it was during release.

User Info: Argg0

6 years ago#6

Lots of interface bugs (items not showing in your bag for example), lots of animation bugs (I see other people just standing in front of the enemy and its health drop) and so on. Things are not intuitive (most tooltips lack explanation, such as Cooldown, duration, an idea of how strong it is), I can't tell if I'm buffed or not and for how long I'll remain buffed and the combat is pretty unresponsive (you can't react against enemies actions because you are in the middle of a combo).

These are just a few, there are more problems. I don't know how the game was when it was launched, but I bet it had more bugs and problems than now.

IMO, just a game to waste some fun time, similar to how all those random flash games burn our time.
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User Info: Lip_58

6 years ago#7
No. The only reason I'm playing this and paying is because my friends can't play WoW because of the sub fees and Skyrim is not out yet.
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User Info: RufusNKenRSTier

6 years ago#8
I was kinda surprised at the bugs, considering how long the game has been out (and the release of the Lantern DLC...). I was even more surprised to take a look at the forum and see that at least some of those bugs have always been there and have (obviously) not been fixed...


And then theres pets.... yeah...

User Info: jaredt13

6 years ago#9
I bought the game when it first came out, but I got a deal on it and only spent $35. I played using the first free month. That was worth it, but I wouldn't pay even $5 a month for continued play time. The only reason I'm back now is because it's free and I need something to hold me over until SWTOR.
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User Info: pres_madagascar

6 years ago#10
I bought it at launch but couldn't warrant monthly fee. Now its free and I'm enjoying it. I will pay for premium and dlc, not 15 a month.
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