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User Info: Berserker1_5

5 years ago#1
Can someone help me here? This game has been working fine since I installed it, which is like 2 weeks, but today there was an Windows Update on my computer. After the update, the DCU Launcher keeps giving me an Error 11001.

Basically this is the error

*Error: Package load failed or was cancelled (Network error during NPAPI download: (0 of 0 bytes, 0 seconds) - Retry failed: SocketError:Host Not Found (11001) - Not Found (11001) - Not Found (11001) - Not Found (11001) - Not Found (11001) - Not Found (11001) ��

I though this is because it wont connect to my IP address so I shut off my AV programs, and firewall, but this issue wont go away. Can anyone help?

User Info: dalek_cyber

5 years ago#2
same thing happens to me, but all I remember doing is downloading the new launch pad. Note, it was an auto updatem not like I gave my comp a virus. also it says that "RETRY" and has the big button but nothing happens. I played it this morning but it didn't take in the afternoon. So yeah, help would be much obliged.

User Info: jeff21094

5 years ago#3
same thing just happened to me, idk what it is but it sucks.

User Info: derksin

5 years ago#4
I'm having the same issue. I hate it ..what is going on? Is it a server problem? When I click on sony forums, it says the site has not been found..

User Info: StarchBL

5 years ago#5
Same for me. I think a patch broke the game.

User Info: Graybes

5 years ago#6
Getting the same problem and it looks like it something with their servers. A lot of their site is down, including the forums and the error says that it can't find the host. Did a small patch come out today? It's probably trying to patch and since some servers are down it can't and then we get an error.
Gamertag: A BombInLasagna

User Info: jeff21094

5 years ago#7

User Info: derksin

5 years ago#8
are you guys able to access the forums? Cos when I do it says website not found...I tried accessing the forums with my mobile phone too..the same issue..

User Info: derksin

5 years ago#9
jeff how did u get it fixed?? Please reply...or did it happen on its own??

User Info: jeff21094

5 years ago#10
happened on its own. went down bout 20 mins ago and when i restarted my game it just worked again.

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