PvE or PvP?

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User Info: SolidHaseo

6 years ago#1
I prefer PvE over PvP cause I prefer to do my missions in peace rather than having 5 guys camp mission area, I wouldn't mind if it was just 1 or 2 as other heroes/villains help me and if I ask for assistance, I do get help but likewise the other faction appears too and thus never-ending war unless there's a faction only chat option I don't know about, that said I find PvE way more fun cause each faction helps each other cause I get a mission to create Trigonic vortexes and other faction destroys them which is funny. Though I prefer PvE, my final choice depends on my league since they also hate PvP for same reason but they want PvP cash and stuff from PvP so....PvE or PvP? What do you prefer and why? ooh then again I didn't have supercharge abilities when I tried PvP...Reignition is a lifesaver :D
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User Info: ionenwks

6 years ago#2
I was on PvE at first, but it got really boring after a while.. especially since there's rarely much of a reason to group up to do normal quests. They're fairly easy to solo in general (except for stuff like Wanted posters).

Personally never going back, staying on the PvP server.. makes things a lot more interesting in the outside areas. Haven't had any issues with camping personally.. and I often managed to beat players higher level than me (sometime with cooperation between low levels). If someone shout for helps I just head over there to protect them too.

And chat is sperated, /shout = to your faction in current map -- /versus = to everyone in current map.

PvP Cash (now Influence) can only be obtained in Arena: PvP and Legends PvP I believe (not sure, didn't try everything yet), you don't get any just for killing players.. and you can do that on either server. Though I'm betting less people will be playing those on PvE because there's not much reason in getting PvP gears. You can still pvp normally on PvE by toggling your PvP flag though.

User Info: TimePharaoh

6 years ago#3
PVE if you're sensitive and plan on crying on the internet, PVP if you're a man.

User Info: Chikenthunda

6 years ago#4
I'm on Pve but I might switch over to Pvp because It seems so awsome to fight other characters of the opposite faction!

User Info: doujin

6 years ago#5
PVP, its just so much fun to play with other players and jumping isn't really too much of a problem in a game like this. You either die, flee, fight back, solo, or team up. Compared to games Ive played like Demon's Souls, its somewhat fair. I can see PVP getting a little hectic after the full game is released (as there will be a bunch of players lol.

User Info: Garudin

6 years ago#6
I'd say PvE as you can still get your PvP fix with the different PvP arenas or the new battle they added that takes place in the world

I wouldn't suggest PvP because it mainly comes down to higher levels making specific groups to gank lower levels no real challenging fights happen that much and of course the game being an MMO and the O standing for online you have the internet tough guys boasting when the beat anyone and the losers whining when they get beat

And while most people would say that just comes with the PvP server this game isn't WoW or any other MMO the areas you go to fight different enemies for quests are all in pretty small little square areas so lots of times those high level groups will just wait there and kill anyone that comes near stopping people from being able to do quests and therefore can't really level
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User Info: GreatestSamurai

6 years ago#7
I have characters on both and at first I enjoyed PvP more. Then it got all srs bsns with a bunch of morons always spouting bull feces about how awesome they are for spending too much time playing the game. I literally can't even arrange a meet-up over the general chat box because people are having shouting matches over whose e-penis is bigger.

PvE keeps all the bleating drama llamas and twelve-year-olds quiet. People can more easily arrange pvp events without bothering anyone else with their retarded feuds.

User Info: 9Dguy

6 years ago#8

I'm currently plaaying on PvE to level up (and look for bugs) in peace. When the game comes out the first thing I'm doing is leveling a character up to at least 10-15 on the PvP server so I can play him without fear later on (if I wait other players will advance too quickly and prevent me from lvling). I'm just worried about the missions where both factions overlap.... thats gonna be a bit of a struggle...

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