Beta people. Opinion of best to weakest power

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User Info: Deshalu

6 years ago#1
i like fire and ice best and i didnt get to try mental or nature

for me it went fire, ice, gadgets, sorcery............
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User Info: doujin

6 years ago#2
There is no best power, just innovation and experience.

User Info: DeadMercenary

6 years ago#3
Fire>Mental>Sorcery>Gadgets>Nature/Ice, strictly opinion of course.

User Info: llaW_Enots

6 years ago#4
I made a Superman type character with mental powers. He rocked so hard. If anything got to close to me, I would knock them up in the air with mental powers or make them bounce away in a mental ball.

User Info: RW_Bear

6 years ago#5
That certainly sounds like a Superman like character.

User Info: doujin

6 years ago#6
Moves like thought bubble really didn't strike me as too useful for PVP (except for a possible escape). The thing about powers is that they were changed in the beta to help balance them. I strongly feel that there is no best power and that a power's usefulness becomes apparent when you mix in movement and weapon abilities.

Also, some powers work better for different situations. Personally, I think the thought that there is a best power sometimes prevents people from experimenting with less used powers. When that happens, it takes longer for people to realize the full potential of those powers.

User Info: jetjaguar72

6 years ago#7
I found gadgets incredibly useless with my acrobatic dual pistol user, especially since I didn't want to be Joker-like. A lot of gag based gadgets. I had mostly turrets and sticky bombs.

Fire was really powerful with my hand blasting flyer. Had good range, area effects... really useful at low levels.

I am interested in trying out something wacky like sorcery.

User Info: doujin

6 years ago#8
See I had a gadgets with acro that kicked but one on one (one of my best characters). I used a mixture of stealth, sticky bombs, fear gas, anesthetic, and that charge move that has an area effect. Basically, I used a mix of dominance and high burst damage to kill other players quick.

It really depends on how you play your character.

Oh and my plant character also got a tone of PVP kills in one vs one. My build was basically a wall (lol thinks of skarmory) that went for chip damage. It wouldn't be the best healer for raids but for singles PVP it was effective and annoying.

My fire, on the other hand, was good until I went from handblasters to the rifle. I think I increased my offensive and capabilities but I lost a lot of my control (which I needed to charged attacks). Even with handblasters though, I felt my gadgets user was better. And that brings me back tot he point that its all about playstyle.

User Info: jetjaguar72

6 years ago#9
you are absolutely right. I think levels plays alot into it to, as I didn't have access to many things in the gadget skill tree. I got as far as that boxing glove and turrets. Fire is useful almost immediately, but could fall off in later lvls for all I know.

I really think any power could be useful in the right setting/situation. You sort of have to develop your playstyle around it.
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