got game! cant find friend!

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User Info: jebu999

6 years ago#1
buddy and myself both got the game but when we try to add each other as friends, were told we dont exist to each other. were both on Ps3, sooooo how can we invite each other as friends??????

User Info: hale08

6 years ago#2
try putting in your characters name, and not your psn name. Also make sure that you both are playing with the same mentor.

User Info: gaiaquake

6 years ago#3
Does being with the same mentor effect that? I plan on getting this game with a friend but we want be with different mentors to have different early game quests. If i do that will i just not see my friend for ages?

User Info: doujin

6 years ago#4
After the first two missions for your mentor you can team up with anyone on your side.
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User Info: 3starborris

6 years ago#5
you are probably on diff servers........

User Info: Snadados

6 years ago#6
Mentor doesn't matter. I play with two friends and the three of us all took different mentors.

Like what has been said, make sure you're both on the same server and make sure you're searching your friend's character's name, not his PSN name.
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