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User Info: kalistor_90

6 years ago#1
heard some ppl online talk about pets and NPC helpers???

User Info: shadowkills69

6 years ago#2

as far as i know ( which is much) only the sorcery charatars start with the ability to have a pet, but at lvl 10 all charactars can get a robot sidekick as an iconic power.

User Info: Paull

6 years ago#3
nature can have a swarm of wasps, but they dissapear quickly

User Info: shadowkills69

6 years ago#4

sorcery summon a demon head pet with fricking lasers attached to ther heads.

User Info: xcetrax

6 years ago#5
i could swear i remember gadgets having a robot pet ability in one of the trees, but i could be wrong.

User Info: troyboy81

6 years ago#6
ice has a pet at level 16 snow demon
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