Fire tank. Main stats. confusing?

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User Info: Daoshifu

6 years ago#1

Ok so i got him fairly tough as for a tank with all that healing . No comes the time to start gathering the gear with appropriate stats. After seeing iconic gear and reading through the board here i started to wonder. What stats should i focus on?

1. I know for sure that i need def and health. That is obvious for a tank.

2. As a FIRE tank do i need vitalization? It would seem so from skills descriptions and the fire tanking general idea of self healing.

3. As a tank do i use dominance? Someone on the board suggested that dom affects all the control statuses. But the question is if it affets burning also (fire doeasn't have stuns at least immolation doesn't)

4. restoration. I saw at the iconics for fire tanks that it has very little resto bonus (i have more right now). but that can be dealt with with a decent controller in a party.

5. Might. I assume that it would be useful for managing aggro. Is it?

6. power. WOuld look like it is useful to have decent pool of power at the beginning of a pull. true or false?

7. and what about precision for tanks????

8. Tough is easily purely for pvp.

I'd say i goes more or less like this: Health>def>might>dominance>power>resto>vit


User Info: Daoshifu

6 years ago#2


User Info: t_tocs

6 years ago#3

I'm nowhere near a guru when it comes to stats with the game, but your logic seems solid. Ignore precision since that is more for the damage dealers. You're going to need health and defense first and foremost. I've gone up against some tanks (I'm a fire damage dealer) and they were brutal to kill so they must just load up on health and defense. Dominance might be a nice plus, but I wouldn't focus on it. Only if it's an additional benefit of an item with high health and defense. Fire does have some heals so anything to help that and make you more self sustaining (because we know how healers can be) is a plus as well.

User Info: Daoshifu

6 years ago#4

After reading this and that on the web i came to the conclusion that aggro can as well be a CC stat. and so Dom should increase its effectivness. Whaddya think?

User Info: Irbyirbs

6 years ago#5
I think you have restoration and vitalization mixed up. If you want to self-heal then increase your restoration, not your vitalization which is used for power healing. As for stats, I would mainly focus on health, defense, and restoration.

User Info: Daoshifu

6 years ago#6

double chcked it. Resto heals power. Vit heals health. Fire tanks self heal and so i wonder if vit helps with it.

User Info: Biaz

6 years ago#7
lol, where did you check that?
resto=health regen (you will find it on healer gear)
vita= power regen

"I want you to take a moment and reflect on how much a failure you are for playing like this and still losing" - IdrA
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