Is there really a "best" weapon??

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User Info: yoohoojim123

6 years ago#1
Hi all I'm fairly new. I don't have a lvl 30. So I've been wondering.

I keep seeing people say this weapon is good for tanks. This weapon is good for dps or healers.....

My question to you experts is, do "best weapons" for a class really exist?

From what reading I have done, weapon dmg is overall normalized all across the board. No weapon does more dmg than any other overall.

Also, I keep seeing that this or that weapon is best for regaining power. From the reading I have done, weapon recharge has been fixed to each weapon so that once again their recharge is overall equal

Now what is the case in this situation? Does any weapon have any true advantage over another? Now I'm not denying that the ranged ones might be better for a healer because each have more ranged combos

User Info: Biaz

6 years ago#2
no, I don't believe in "best" weapons, because that would mean it had to outclass every single other weapon in every single aspect.
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User Info: RoyalDeath

6 years ago#3
You need to focus on your character, is he gonna be solo? or is he gonna be in groups more? that's the important question that will result in the weapon you choose. For example, let's say you wanna be a group type character you wanna help your team. Controller or Healer the best weapon for that class is range, if your gonna be in a group you gotta stay alive and heal or buff your team. You can't do that if your being attacked up close, so safe distance and you can still do damage. Tanks, if your going with groups you gotta choose a close range weapon, you need to hold the fight so your teams can be safe.

User Info: squiggy9996999

6 years ago#4
not weapon damage, new ones go up invalue, no biggie. what'simportant is every weapon boosts a stat, so you watn to choose one that helps your build. so the double pistols boost vitalizaion, one of the two main abilities of control classes, for example.

User Info: SwiftStar

6 years ago#5
Danger Will Robinson. Wall of text approaching.
Weapons have innate traits on them that are good for different classes and stances. There are weapons with different traits within those classes/stances on different weapons that you may chose to focus on depending on how you want to play that class/stance. There are weapons that have really easy stuns to get out that may suit say a tank or a controller. There are weapons with fast attack rates that will help you get high combos fast and thereby restore power quickly. There are distance and melee weapons that will benefit your playstyle and class by allowing you to charge in swinging or attack from a safe distance. So, no, there is not best weapon but there are options for you to chose from depending on your class, stance, play style, cool points and just general preference for how you want you character to cool or act.
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User Info: yoohoojim123

6 years ago#6
See I only agree with half of that

While being a healer and using a ranged weapon is true. Let's also not forget that as far as I can tell even melee weapons have ranged attacks. (if I'm wrong about this please inform me, I just know Dual Swords has them).

So while I partially agree on being ranged with a healer, why should a tank have to use a melee weapon? Do ranged attacks become less effective when on close range? As far as I can tell no they don't. So why would you need a melee weapon for effective tanking?

Mind you all this discussion is over the weapons and their combos. Not their passive stats

User Info: TrueDozenMarks

6 years ago#7
I haven't used anything but the Staff yet, so I could be entirely wrong on how I think it works, but Staff doesn't really get any ranged attacks. Yeah, they get the generic ranged attack and a basic charge move, but there's nothing special about them. There's a bunch of awesome up-close combos to do, though.

Likewise, I would imagine that a Bow or Rifle or something would have plenty of combos/tricks to do from a distance versus in their face, as it's designed as a range weapon, and likely will just have basic melee attacks that won't get used much unless you're finishing off somebody who's getting close to you and almost dead, or you're trying to pull somebody from an ally or something to save them in a desperation attempt.

So, yeah, every weapon may have melee and ranged moves, but I highly doubt that they all get used the same way. Not to mention what the actual combos can do, such as Staff having lots of Stun to just stop enemies and keep them immobile for a moment.

User Info: yoohoojim123

6 years ago#8
Really? What weapons has better stuns? I'm not trying to be a punk but what makes them better? It seems that all weapon styles has stuns, knockdowns, and knockups

User Info: blackwidow999

6 years ago#9
There are definitely weapon types in this which are better than others, particularly when it comes to PvP. Recommend not using failblaster unless you want your PvP life to be an endless wall of hardstuns perforated by KOs

User Info: tomo012

6 years ago#10
The highest DPS I've come across are my hand blasters. 77.9 (iirc) DPS or somewhere around there.

I think I remember reading it goes up to the 80s for PvE and up to 98 DPS for PvP.
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