what is a villainous act??

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User Info: Flexo420

6 years ago#1
the feat "everyday villain" says complete 25 villainous acts, can anyone give me an example of what they except as a villainous act?
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User Info: Disturbia1

6 years ago#2
outside of gotham nightclub there was a level 1 copper, i hit he died 1 villianious act:) rince and repeat you will see them on ur minimap
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User Info: LagfighterDSL

6 years ago#3
The "Heroic" acts are stopping burglars and robbers and such...

Try mugging or breaking in somewhere...

I did notice when an "Act" was available it showed up as a yellow dot on the mini-map when randomly flying around and turned into a lightning bolt up close, so look for those...They're just random on the street...

Hope that helps some...
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User Info: overyoo1

6 years ago#4
beating up people at cash machines then destroying the machine and stealing the bag of money
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User Info: Dark-Star13

6 years ago#5

pushing suicide jumpers

User Info: bigfattyjimbo

6 years ago#6
Ahh...you actually do not push the jumpers physically. You just reaffirm what they already know...that the world is better off without them. Just one of the numerous little things that keeps me playing
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