Any tips for sorcery DPS?

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User Info: cabcalloway1983

6 years ago#1
Was about to start a sorcery DPS/Heal just because it sounds interesting and i hear sorcery is the best DPS.So i was hoping some people in the know could give me a few tips on what the best weapon for a sorcery dps and maybe give me some tips on what loadout i would need.

Thanks in advance for any helpful info!

User Info: aLxQc

6 years ago#2
Really simple.

-Rifle or Dual Pistol or Bow
-Weapon of Destiny,Circle of Protection,Boon of Souls

Thats all you need

User Info: thedeadsider

6 years ago#3
Actually for sorcery, I don't recommend rifle. Its a great weapon sure, but its combo chains are crap and a lot of sorcery's oomph comes from powers like dropping a circle and a boon/destiny etc. Running from mob group to mob group can drain you dry unless you get combo counters up. That said I'd recommend pistols or bow (don't be tempted to take hand blasters, great combo machine that it is the damage is too garbage for true dps).
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User Info: RoninofTangram

6 years ago#4
Weapon of destiny with HB pulse beam, for bosses anyway, pistols and wod with well placed circles for everything, i think hb has a dps innate anyway, but i forgot
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User Info: spOOkybOO1000

6 years ago#5
heres a tip.......have a spare set of healer kit cause 4 out of 5 dps wont wanna change to their pure role
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User Info: cabcalloway1983

6 years ago#6
Yeah one of the things that interested me the most was being able to handle healer/dps.

Thanks for the info.Im now trying to decide if i want to go with duel pistols or a bow,im leaning toward bow because of the greater dps output.

User Info: MHonlinehow

6 years ago#7
Go dual pistols. You can be a very competent dps in raids just by holding triangle. That's all you need. Use critchance trinket, weapon power buff, hold triangle.

User Info: squiggy9996999

6 years ago#8
"HB pulse beam,"

i would say no to that. dps wants a damaging weapon too, not one that is exclusively for power. HB is great for support classes like control.

User Info: RoninofTangram

6 years ago#9
Pulse is power but theres solar flare, hold t then tap t, the kick ball tttht, melee moves for elites(the immune to nearly everything guys), but im sure thats also designated to healer/con when they dont need to regen power
PSN ID:Tenryuta, mgo name:lokiprime

User Info: Jafin

6 years ago#10
I started a Sorcery/Dual Pistol character the other day after playing with an Ice Tank as my main for over a month, and holy s**t it is amazing!
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