Fastest Way 2 level up

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User Info: StinkyHo69

6 years ago#1
i got the game a few days ago and i'm level 15 hero, mentor SuperMan. I heard that it's pretty easy to get to lvl30 but i feel like it's taking forever doing PVE missions and some Alerts and other things. Am i doing something wrong, this is my 1st MMO.
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User Info: TheSonicGamer

6 years ago#2
No, that is pretty fast, it took me about 2 weeks to get to level 30. Dont worry about it too much, though. Just...enjoy the game. Believe me, when you get to level 30, you're going to start seeing the same stuff over and over again.
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User Info: Holy Stone

Holy Stone
6 years ago#3
Grouping up is the way to go for leveling. The quests stay the same difficulty, and with 2 or even 3 people it makes finishing each objective much easier since everything each person does goes toward completion.
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User Info: x_Malevolent_x

6 years ago#4
Here are some (probably) very obvious tips, and I'm sure you've tried them, but for posterity:

- Do EVERY mission you're able to do. This includes the little 'side missions' for each main mission. The reaon? XP and Feat Points. You get XP for completing missions (and for fighting/winning fights in general), and Feat Points that you can use toward Skill Points (which will improve your character's abilities/powers) for completing all missions within a given 'main mission'. You can keep track of these in your Feats menu. However, it's best to just do them as you get them because sometimes it's tough to go back and find a mission if you didn't activate it from the beginning.

- Make sure you close out each mission in the journal. Pretty obvious, but sometimes I would see the XP for finishing a mission and forget to get the XP for closing it out in my journal (this sometimes requires going to a Police Station or something to see someone to finish the mission.

- Try to do the Wanted posters as they are usually good for a ton of XP. All you have to do is participate in a fight and you'll get credit for it if the enemy goes down (even if you get knocked out). Still, it's a good idea to queue it up in your journal so you get the feat points for it as well.

User Info: squiggy9996999

6 years ago#5
group of 4 = clear rooms 4 times as fast, xp is the same. playing all of the solo content in a group of four would reduce the time to get to lvl 30 by 75%. and it already takes almost no time. my buddy got his character raid ready from zero in 2 weeks (with 4 tier one pieces) alone.

User Info: x_Malevolent_x

6 years ago#6
I would also say that if you're not able to get a partner or group (like squiggy said, this will make leveling much easier and faster), check the Feat menu for easy feats to do. It won't get you XP, but you will get Feat Points to put towards Skill Points, which can make your character more powerful, which will ultimately result in you not having to rely on a group for tough missions/bosses. Some easy ones are the 'Exploration' feats and Booster Gold Tour feats.

User Info: Vethem

6 years ago#7
I suggest don't all the races, you get good XP for gerontology a platinum medal. The races are one of the first things I do on a new room, if your flying its much easier then the other travel powers. Its fatser then a mission and you get about 1500 XP. Besides that missions are really the only thing you can do since XP you get from killing mobs is pretty much non existent.
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