Best DPS class?

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User Info: GOZYT

6 years ago#1
Whats the best DPS class & why do you think it is?

User Info: doujin

6 years ago#2
I think all classes have their merits.

Sorcery has a lot of good AOE powers that quickly burn through your opponent
Nature is more suited for team buffing and really excels in single target damage, although I hear they have nerfed some abilities
Ice has some good AOEs and has a bit more survivability due to reflect, bitter winds, and winter ward.
Never played fire but I know it also has some AOE. Fire is another power that is said to be nerfed and as I dont play fire I dont know exactly what was nerfed
Mental has moves like Mass Terror (aoe) and pryo (single target) which I would imagine to be good but I dont see this as the most promising powerset. That said, some people have made good use of it
Gadgets is pretty sick with DPS (especially the bomb).

Really, Id think any power would work reasonably well so Id advocate for picking what power looks the most fun to you.
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User Info: NHZ1337

6 years ago#3
I cant wait for some one to get on with so rant about flames and nature..... imma shove my mentel foot up there arse.

Weapons, throw off by the eye numbers. Some who is not putting out good dps with there weapons wouldnt hold up in ##'s vs another class. Like the bow/fire guy vs a mentel lolpistols.... Fires gonna have the high damage number at the end. I honestly think its equal. Almost all jobs have Very Good AoE dmg. There are Soooo many moves that one class gets, THAT helps ANOTHER class's powers. We work very well off each other. The more skill points you have, can make you the better DD. We all get the same dps gear and weapons. Its in our own stats and how we spec ourselves is where you see some DD way out pass others.

User Info: rk_battousai

6 years ago#4
Between ice, sorc, gadget, and nature that I've played as endgame dps, I'd place Sorcery as the best so far. It has both aoe and single target capabilities.

User Info: CookHim

6 years ago#5
i'm going with fire my meteor owns everything
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User Info: IBlizzarID

6 years ago#6

sorcery destroys. weapon of destinyyyyyy!!!!

User Info: solkin12

6 years ago#7
Are you talking pvp or pve? for pvp I'd have to say ice, because they just don't die and since they don't die they have longer to rack up damage on the charts. in pve its sorc hands down. They do alot of damage and they don't have to be in the thick of things. If they get a good controller raids go hell of alot faster.

User Info: frogbong

6 years ago#8
its not the power set, its the player

that being said, im ice, and i keep pace, if not pass every sorc i play with.

Also, if you are an ice dps that is built for pve, and you have winter ward.. youre doing it wrong
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User Info: Colonel_Romeo

6 years ago#9
Its really the the player and how many skill points and the level of skill he has, I normal out damage, eveyone in raids theres this ice dude on blood will run name named TN that numbers are much higher then mine tho, but really but im gagdets and use pistols the key is using combos and modifers.

User Info: Colonel_Romeo

6 years ago#10
And learning to ignore the color of gear is big just cause a piece of gear of gear is tier 2 doesnt make it the best you you can get, I use the captian colds furry hood which I think has the highest amount of perc on the game, for my legs they are blue snake style from area 51 they have 103might.

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