Hive Defender styles........

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User Info: Zylo1982

6 years ago#1
How do you get them?
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User Info: Lanex

6 years ago#2
By completing collections, briefings and investigations.
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User Info: UCanHateMeNow80

6 years ago#3
Not sure that you can actually complete Hive Defender, haven't been able to get any pieces whatsoever and have completed all briefings, investigations and collections. I'm on the villain side which may be the issue, but I've also seen a post from a player with 101 SP and that style is one he has not completed along with another one.....Angelic perhaps, but not 100% sure. Either way this one does not exist at the moment so hold off on stressin' yourself out about it.

User Info: SolidHaseo

6 years ago#4
Talon Lord doesn't exist right now either
"Fade into darkness,Oblivion!"~Yamato
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