How does escrow work?

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User Info: Rubicant_Luc

5 years ago#1
I've checked through the topics here and on the official site, but I've received a lot of conflicting opinions. Has anyone seen a DC moderator/spokesperson say something official or used the system themselves? (I'd rather pass on off-hand opinions, does anyone know for sure to put this matter to rest?)

Right now I am on premium for instance, 2k max. Anything I earn beyond that goes into 'Escrow'. I get that much. To the best of my knowledge, the answer to following question 1 is B, and the answer to question 2 is C. (or perhaps I'm off-base) Can anyone in the know confirm?

1) Let's say I have 2k in my wallet and 48k in escrow. If I spend 2k out of my wallet, can I then:
A) Immediately withdraw 2k out of escrow. I can withdraw from escrow as much as I want as long as I don't go above the 2k wallet max.
B) With 2k spent I have nothing in my wallet, and I can't touch escrow unless I pay the fee in real dollars for the 10k/25k 'escrow' item. (or go legendary)

2) Speaking of, what exactly does the 10k/25k escrow option in the marketplace do? Does it:
A) Immediately give me 10k/25k in my escrow out of thin air, I may withdraw 2k at a time.
B) Raise my 'on-hand/wallet' max total up 10k or 25k, permanently.
C) Raise my 'on-hand/wallet' max total up 10k/25k, but only for that one time influx of cash. The cash being sent to my wallet is not brand new cash, but instead cash that I earned myself and this is the only way to access it. All new dollars I earn are sent directly to escrow until my wallet total is less then 2k.

User Info: EmptyCerealBox

5 years ago#2
1) B
2) C

User Info: StucklnMyPants

5 years ago#3

From: EmptyCerealBox | #002
1) B
2) C

Which sucks. For some reason I was thinking that once you get money into your escrow, it'll automatically withdraw once you go below the 2000 dollar threshold on you on hand money. Limiting the player to $2000 at one time, and then they have to earn it back, is a bit asinine. It's not really a problem yet, as I'm still pretty early in the game. But, if does become a nuisance, I'll probably stop playing, depending on how big of a nuisance it will be to earn money as often as I need it.

User Info: Samus12345

5 years ago#4
From what people have said, the big problem with the $2k limit is repairing armor when raiding. I guess the best thing someone could do to get around it is stash items worth a decent amount in the bank, then sell 'em when you need more money. Not sure if leaving a raid to sell so you can repair is a viable option, though.

User Info: DarthBedo

5 years ago#5
Its all part of sony scheme to earn money
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User Info: Alwc37

5 years ago#6
At level 13 money is already going into my escrow, its kind of annoying so I started buying random styles and cola I don't really want or need just so I feel like I am still in control of my cash....Still, I enjoy the game. May sub up once I get further along in my levels. I have 4 people around 15 still trying to decide what power weapon combo i like -_-

User Info: NewMoonShadow

5 years ago#7
Its all part of sony scheme to earn money

God forbid. I thought this game was the work of a Charity.

User Info: Nasteeman

5 years ago#8
DarthBedo posted...
Its all part of sony scheme to earn money

Well, Duh. You expect them to give EVERYTHING away for free?

User Info: calvin_0

5 years ago#9
so technically we need to spend real money to get some fake money that we already earn....

do end game PvE armor go above 2K?
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