Blood Bat Wings??

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User Info: Kolbarama90

6 years ago#1
At least I think that's what they're called, does anyone know how to get them?? They look like this, My character is a hero, am I still able to get them, or do you have to be a villain? And are there any other types of demon wings, other than the small demonic wings?? Thanks!! :)

User Info: ThatOneGuySteve

6 years ago#2
Those are pretty cool-looking. Are they in the market? There are alot of really cool styles that are purchase-only.

But generally speaking, all styles are available to both heros and villains. Though, I'm not 100% sure if certain unique-character items are available for both(i.e. I've gotten Raven's cloak, and Scarecrow's hat on heros.. not sure if villains can obtain them since they don't have access to the instances.)
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User Info: V_Panda

6 years ago#3
From the Beginner's PvP set for Villains. They get it at lv 30, equivalent to Heroes' Archangel which is bought from the vendor kiosk in the Reactor chamber (Meta Wing). As I recall, the armours require morality, so Heroes can't wear Blood Bat gear. I also don't remember if it's tradeable/sellable, but every other PvP gear isnt so it's prolly the same.
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