Tips on the omac base duo?

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User Info: Neverwinter27

5 years ago#1
having trouble with the last part with brother eye, any tips?

User Info: Vegetall

5 years ago#2
before you activate each switch a mob will spawn so dont start the switch till after your done with that mob.....

focus fire on the healers ASAP...

focus fire on one OMAC after the second switch is activated (were just to mid sized OMACs come out)

on the last big OMAC, try to pull him to the back corner near the big computer, so the turret cant hit you, or try to pull him over one of the floor panels

try to conserve heath barrels and fight AWAY from them, 80% of the time, an enemy will just blow them up...

if your having trouble just getting to that part, maybe gear up more, but if your clearing the DUO up until that part, then you should be ok

User Info: hbtv_fingers

5 years ago#3
Try and stay out of the line of sight with the rocket launcher thing on the ceiling that has the laser sight. Also stay off the parts of the floor that glow reddish. The two of those together plus him hitting you do lots of damage, so just be careful of where you are standing.

User Info: mdly68

5 years ago#4
It's all about getting the nanosynth controllers (green lantern-looking guys) dead so they can't heal the surrounding bots. CC as much as you can.

I don't have too much trouble with this part as a controller since I can stun/lift the nanosynth and use psychic resonance as an instant group stun. Just take it slow and don't hit the next security panel until every mob is dead.

User Info: Notorious_KGB

5 years ago#5
the boss before that is hardest part of that level and most annoying imo.
PSN: Cpt_Jake_Sparrow
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