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User Info: turtles1236

5 years ago#1
I like to solo most of the time and help out lower levels when i get bored. I don't have dlc for the new powers so i'm wondering what's the best power for each class?

Dps:? I heard lightning but i don't have dlc.

Controller:? Chatting on dcuo people say mental.

Healer: I really liked my nature healer.

Tank:? Chatting on dcuo people say fire.

This is mostly solo(90%) with some co op(10%).

What's everyones opinion on best power per class?
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User Info: turtles1236

5 years ago#2
If It's Not Sea Turtles It's The Wrong Turtle

User Info: calvin_0

5 years ago#3
best power to solo with? IMO Ice Tank.... tank will help you survive in any missions.

healer is o.k as well, but most like you have to be in DPS role and play a hybrid, but i'm not sure about this since i never play a healer before.

troller and general dps will have to play smart. you have to take every advantages you get in a mission (got barrel? use them).
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User Info: Timmo_Supremo

5 years ago#4
Ice Tank, with the self heal supercharge and all your buffs. works pretty well
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User Info: turtles1236

5 years ago#5
My main is a nature pure healer with 48 skill points i can solo most stuff with it and it's the only power i've leveled past 10 lol. I just can't get into the other powers because i'm so used to my healing nature powers and i don't think i'll be able to survive later missions with other powers solo.

Take old gotham subway in duos for example, this guy stops playing at the final 2 bosses in the last room and i had to solo it. I beat bane and penguin without dying in healer role, i don't think i could have done this solo with any other powers.

But my original question was what is the best solo power for each role? Everyone here said ice for tank okay, so what about dps and controller?
If It's Not Sea Turtles It's The Wrong Turtle

User Info: NHZ1337

5 years ago#6
Fire can out dps ice tanks as fire tanks and wont die them same.
Fire Can DPS with the best of them and just as quick.
Fire Can Heal and what not.

Defence/Healing/Attacking all in one class. Only problem if you need alot of SP to fully make it shine, but when it does.... it DOES.

All this being said, its more about play style. You like bum rushin stuff, get fire/ice. Like to plan your attacks? Any Troller class.

Healer class's, fall on both bum rushin and planning

User Info: phalcon113

5 years ago#7
I solo pretty well with my gadget controller. Taser pull to start fights to avoid getting mobbed, anesthetic heals with only 1/3 supercharge, gause grenade and cryofoam provide decent crowd control and a power interaction Keep PoT up and you can use your powers pretty liberally
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User Info: xage19

5 years ago#8

i have tried every power solo to 30 and the 2 i liked the most were nature shapeshifter ( after 30 i went healer ) and a fire tank

User Info: Vegetall

5 years ago#9
my main is a lvl 30 fire tank, and i played that all the way to 30 without trying anything else and had a blast... you can heal yourself, it makes the game much easier, but you will get spoiled..

my lvl30 troller is a hard light, im a huge GL fan so i was pumped, it felt OP the entire time and got to lvl 30 in less then 12 hours...

im playing now a lvl 20 nature shapeshifter, again i feel OP do a TON of damg and having fun...

i tried a sorcery and electric to lvl 15 each, enjoyed them as well

IMO, its all personal preference, i cant stand gadget but some ppl love it

User Info: Toy_Doll

5 years ago#10
You could make a strong case for Nature. It's probably the most versatile and well balanced powerset in the game. With the right loadout, you could basically run as a DPS, Tank, and Healer all at once, and Nature excels when it comes to stacking Damage Over Time as well as having a very strong 'bosskiller' weapon in Impaling Thorns. It also has a very good return on investment for your power use (unlike Electricity, which hits like a truck, but sucks you dry...). For example:

Run DPS with this kind of loadout:

Briar, Wolf, Harvest, Vine Lash, Carnage, Impaling Thorns

You can stack DOT with Briar, Vine Lash, and Harvest (to spread Poison Spores), buff the teams attacks with Carnage, and finish bosses with Impaling Thorns.

If things get sticky, hit Wolf Mode to mutilate everything, and have:

Briar, Gorilla, Thorn Shield, Vine Lash, Carnage, Impaling Thorns

If you get low on health or mobbed, hit Gorilla (for extra healing and defense capabilities) and go:

Briar, Savage Growth, Bloom, Vine Lash, Roar, Impaling Thorns

You get damage and healing benefits from SG, VL, and Roar, and it's a cheap supercharge at 35%.
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