Best Controller Power Set??? Green Lanter

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User Info: SoraPR

5 years ago#1

Am a Green Lanter can you guys help me whit my powers I wanna be a COntroler

User Info: kotorkid95

5 years ago#2
Use less disrupting posting ----> get help quicker.
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User Info: superlobo

5 years ago#3

Is easy to tell you what powers to use to make you a contoller..... it's not easy to use them and not get killed. HL ( hard light) trolling is more for people who have been a troller for a while and want a challenge and change.

Get either claws or boxing gloves, this is for POT ( power over time) .

Get recharge, A quick way to give out a good amount of power quick

Get chains whip which de-buffs enemy's defense, making them easier to kill.

Get hand grasp, it stuns and de-buffs enemy's damage output ( they hit you less harder).

Get baseball Entrap, it puts enemy's in a ball and de-buff's their health (they can't heal as much or heal slower)

your six power can be what ever you want, most people like shield super charge that puts up a shield on all your group member, protects them from damage but it all your choice.

User Info: GuerillaGorilla

5 years ago#4
Heal debuffs only work on people who do the healing. It prevents them from providing heals.
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User Info: fred_ff_maniac

5 years ago#5
Mine is: claw, whip, light weight, encase and recharge follow by a supercharge of your choice.

User Info: dasayles

5 years ago#6
There are two types of light controller. The first is an assault type. The assault type deals out major damage, but can get too wrapped up in the damage. They get a bonus 1 percent critical chance increase on all lantern attacks and plus 35 power.

The other is a support type Lantern. The Support type gives you plus 10 on your vitalization and increased duration on your protective ability.

For an Support type I'd say you need boxing gloves, Recharge, light barrier, Whip Lash, Hand Grab, and Encase. However, I'd trade Encase for Snap trap. Snaptrap is comboable with all the rest of the boxing glove combos.

you also need to unlock the powers in the assault tree down the right side to get you Snap trap and whip lash. Begin your first combo with Boxing gloves to get your lightening bolt. If your in a raid make sure that your screen is pointed away from an enemy. Then you can just use Snaptrap and combo into Light Blast. That will get you 6 quick hits. after each light blast use Recharge. When your lightening bolt under your name disappears you use boxing gloves again, rinse and repeat.

FOr assault type use Light claws, recharge, Light Barrier, Whip lash, Light Weight, and Snaptrap. Light claws is your power over time here. Make sure that your screen is facing away from the enemies and lunge to get your lightening bolt. Then combo either into minigun or ram, then snaptrap and fan. this will pull enemies, but do a crapload of damage. It is worth the pull for the damage. after each time you use the fan use recharge. In assault mode always start with light claws and combo into the rest. Then use recharge again. Rinse and repeat.

that is light controlling and it is a wonderous thing. You just need to take the time to find the ways that you like it. This is but a template master it yourself and you'll be a great dps or Troller using only combos and not even needing a good weapon.
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