$1500 limit. Things to buy?

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User Info: henry124

5 years ago#1

with the limit on the free players, what do you guys buy?

i've noticed they sell all the styles in the war room so i've bought them all out. What else is there to spend?

User Info: Notorious_KGB

5 years ago#2
PSN: Cpt_Jake_Sparrow

User Info: BearBeatDown

5 years ago#3
Before going Legendary I would buy the level 30 sodas each chance I got. Put them in storage and sell them when I needed money. I also used them when I hit level 30. After upgrading I sold them for cash back (though reduced).

User Info: henry124

5 years ago#4
Thanks! I started purchasing collectables on the auction house. Anyone have anything else to buy?

User Info: RoninShinigami

5 years ago#5
Best thing to spend on is STYLES!!!!

What you do is when you reach your cap of money go to either watchtower/hall of doom and go to the little kiosk vendors (the ones that sell only styles and are not from NPC.)

They are in the center area of the hall of doom, not sure about watchtower. And buy the styles that you need to collect.

Each one cost some where from 100-400. You can have all of them or close to all of them by LVL 30.

After you collect, sell stuff you don't need. If you reach your limit and not put much into escro and have a pretty full inventory to sell stuff you can get lots of styles and feats for styles!
Also rather than selling stuff you can go to the mod stations and salvage items for materials rather than selling them for when you reach lvl 30 and end game for mods for your gear.
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  3. $1500 limit. Things to buy?

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