Should DCUO offer a lifetime subscription?

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User Info: febreez123

8 years ago#1

Some of you may have heard about champions online recently announcing their lifetime subscription package ( You have to buy the lifetime sub or 6 month package BEFORE the game actually launches, and it comes with bonuses. Do you think DCUO should do this, offer a lifetime sub, period, especially before the game is even being sold?

User Info: Masteraliber44

8 years ago#2
no, if this game requires me to buy something BEFORE i play the game then im not going to get this game. The game may blow for all we know it could just be 2-3 missions and we'll have to pay $60 for the game and extra for the sub. bad idea IMO.
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User Info: Mpagar

8 years ago#3
He means that those offers for Champion Online is available only until the game comes out, right?

For me, I wouldn't by it. Even if the game looks amazing, I'm not putting down $200 on a game I've never played for an extended period of time. What if it sucks? That just means I've thrown away $185 on extra time I'm not even going to use. And, hell, even if it's good, I can't see myself coming back to a game for thirteen months. I'd rather play it for a few months and stop until a new expansion comes, where I'll play it for another month or so.

Plus lifetime subs get me nervous. Part of me can't help but wonder if the company themselves just don't think they'll be around longer than two years to risk losing profit by offering this deal.
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User Info: dillonthebunny

8 years ago#4
is there a price for this game to be played online? i assumed it would be free,
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User Info: Chilly82

8 years ago#5
^ Why would you assume that? Most MMORPG's force you to pay extra fees.

User Info: BlockWatcher

8 years ago#6
hahaha Dillonthebunny.... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHA
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User Info: ninooo7

8 years ago#7
Personally, I'm just following the news until they say something about the pricing. It'll be a cold day in hell when I pay $200 for a video game.

User Info: calvin_0

8 years ago#8
"You have to buy the lifetime sub or 6 month package"

if i get the lifetime sub, will i get a refund if the game end before i dies?
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User Info: floydfire

8 years ago#9

won't they do a lifetime option when game is released

User Info: joecrak

8 years ago#10
I hope they do offer something similar to what champions is doing.

Youre not forced to get either the lifetime or 6 month subscription, but having played the beta i love it, and ended up ordering the lifetime one, cause math wise $15 a month for 1 year is $180 the life time subscription is $20 more plus you get some other stuff, but the overall price value of it and the gameplay swayed me.

Granted i think they should have at least extended the offer up till like a onth after the games been out, that i think would have been clutch.

But i totally would love a discounted deal like this for the dc one should it come out.
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