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User Info: betamax66

6 years ago#1
Haven't seen these posted here yet, so I figured I would do it. Got them from the official forums.
PS3 Controller configuration
L1 Target
Right+L1 Change to the next target to the right
Left+L1 Change to the next target to the left
R1 Block/Break Free
L2 Activate Left half of powers bar
Square+L2 Hot bar Power 1
Triangle+L2 Hot bar Power 2
Circle+L2 Hot bar Power 3
X(cross)+L2 Hot bar Power 4
R2 Activate Right half of powers bar
Square+R2 Hot bar power 5
Triangle+R2 Hot bar Power 6
Circle+R2 Use Equipped Item(sodas=healing)
X(cross)+R2 Use Trinket Effect

Up Actions Menu - Allows player to see Active Combos and Abilities, toggle PVP Flag and change stance(role).
Right Buffs - Shows what buffs you are using currently
Down Canned Chat - Quick Chat system.
Left Emotes – Pre-generated Actions

Select Activate text chat(then hit x or enter to commence typing)
Start Bring up start(main menu)
Left Analog Stick Movement
Right Analog Stick Camera
L3 (press) Toggle Movement Power
L3(hold) Toggle Autorun/Movement Power bonus power
Square Melee Attack(costs no power)
Triangle Ranged Attack(costs no power)
Circle(hold) Interaction(action button)
X(cross)(press) Jump
X(cross)(hold) Immediate flight while grounded/Ascend while flying

LEFT ANALOG STICK(pressure controls how fast you move)
Left Walk/run to the left
Up Walk/run forward
Right Walk/run to the right
Down Walk/run toward the camera/backwards

RIGHT ANALOG STICK(can be inverted from the settings menu)
Left Rotate Camera Left
Up Rotate Camera Up
Right Rotate Camera Right
Down Rotate Camera Down

Menu Exclusive Buttons

Start Menu(uniform between each section)
Left Analog stick Navigate cursor(choose selection)
L2 Cycle through options to the left
R2 Cycle through options to the right
Circle Decline/Back out(exit)
X(cross) Make Selection(confirm)

X(cross) Equip Item/De-equip when select on worn item
Square Move Item(X(cross) to then place it)
Triangle Delete Item
Circle Exit
R1 Cycle to the right to acces Stats and Currency tabs
L1 Cycle to the left to access Inventory and Stats tabs

User Info: betamax66

6 years ago#2
L1 Change to Styles Tab
R1 Change to Colors Tab
Square Lock/Unlock Style choice
Triangle Swap Colors(assign different colors from your pallete)
X(cross) Expand list(to see style options for body part)
Right Analog Stick
Left Spin avatar left
Right Spin avat right

X(cross) Once to select mission and read details, again to activate and track the mission
Left Analog Stick Use left and right to navigate between the Message and Reward tabs.

X(cross) Spend point/buy power/skill
X(cross) Change Ability
Triangle Clear Slot

all standard

Triangle Change map display back to current location

On Duty
all standard

Social Panel
L1 Cycle left through chat tabs
R1 Cycle right through chat tabs
Square Create/Access League


L1 Cycle left through option tabs
R1 Cycle right through option tabs
Square Accept/Save settings
left Change slider bar left
right Change slider bar right

Keyboard Buttons

J = Journal
K = Power, Skill, Loadout
N = Renown
H = Headlines
I = Inventory
M = Map
O = Social
P = Loadouts
T = Switch roles (after level 10)
Y = On Duty Menu (Arenas, Legends, Duo, Etc)
C = Collection Sets
/ = Renown (again)
Enter =Quick Chat(hit enter again to bring up PSn text box then start typing)
Keyboard Commands

/tell (name) sends a private message to the player
/group (message) - Changes chat channel to group chat
/invite (name) - will send an invite to another player (range undetermined)
/kick (name) - Kicks person from group/raid
/leave - Quit a group
/league (message) - communicates to your league channel (if your in one)
/shout (message) - changes chat channel to shout
/Say (message) - changes chat channel to say
/logout - Logs you to character selection
When changing chat channels(group/shout/league/say) once you have said the first message in the new channel ie (/group hi all) every chat message sent from then on will be in that channel.

/no way
/walkie talkie

User Info: LiquidPython3

6 years ago#3
Request Sticky
"Weeell, obviously we have a rapist in Lincon Park"

User Info: _Emperor_Ghoul_

6 years ago#4

From: LiquidPython3 | #003
Request Sticky

Done and done.

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