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Your Best Solo PVE Build?

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User Info: DisgaeaNut

6 years ago#1

Couldn't get into the beta as I am away from my PS3/Computer for about a month but I am curious as I want to get the game and hop onto a PVE server.

I am not looking for a debate or mind changing about going PVP, I simply want to know what some great solo builds are for PVE.

What are some of the most effective and powerful solo builds?

User Info: Mtpgamer

6 years ago#2
fire with staff....instant stuns and major damage!

User Info: Ryzow2010

6 years ago#3
Mental and handblast .......... Nuff said
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User Info: Custers_Revenge

6 years ago#4

From: Ryzow2010 | #003
Mental and handblast .......... Nuff said

Same here. Mental is very useful, even early in the game. Get the psychic blade attack (forget the name) and you'll cut down crowds in seconds.
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User Info: BledAngelShadow

6 years ago#5
it depends on how you play. try this out and see what you think (i love this set up)

Fist Energy + Sorcery + Wonder Woman (make sure your movement is either Acrobatic or flying). When you have access to ICON POWERS (level 12), get Shazam. Focus on getting your Power and Might as high as possible with your equipment. When you have access to acrobatic attacks, get the attack that ropes an enemy and pulls him in. Use the sorcery spell that does this as well. Do one, then the next, then hit a heavy strike combo, and they are dead.

Shazam, for me, dealt 1000+ damage when I was level 17 with this set up in mind, and it heals you of damage (keep in mind it has a wait gauge). In other words, it was an instant kill. Hence why I mentioned it.

Other great combos are Earth (or whatever) combined with Superman and any ranged weapon (dual guns is epic for this). Movement wise, choose acrobatic (you get the ability to fly and run fast from 2 of your transformations from earth). If you don't want to use guns, brawler is deadly with this combo too (as is martial arts).
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