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User Info: DarthPalpatine1

6 years ago#1
Is there a FAQ somewhere that explains abbreviations for newbies? I have no clue what some of you guys are talking about. I've never played an MMO before.

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User Info: fearthisjuggalo

6 years ago#2
List some and I'll see what I can do.
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User Info: Vegan_This

6 years ago#3
BUFF - Positive status effects casted on you by you OR by someone else. Usually on for a duration or just turned on. These effects can make you do more damage, regenerate health or regenerate power. Depends on what class you or the other persons are.

DEBUFF - Negative status effects casted on you OR on your enemy. Usually on for a duration. These effects can make you/enemies do less damage, have less health as a %. Depends on what class you or the other enemies are.

DOT - damage over time

AOE - area of effect. example: an explosion doing splash damage. it can pertain to buffs aoe or debuffs aoe too.

REGEN - regeneration of mana or health.

HOT - heal over time.

TANK - a hero who's main role is to take damage for the team. The wall, the first line and main line of defense.

LVL - what character level you are.

AGRO - aggression. threat level, the ememies attention to a team mate.

ADD - a respawned or wandering enemy who jumps into a fight unexpectedly. "Oi, we got 5 adds behind us!"

INSTANCE - a generated place for the group to privately explore. usually indoor by apearance. alerts, raids, duos(?), Arenas are all instances.

LFG - Looking for group

LFM - Looking for More

LF - Looking For...

WTB - Want to Buy

ATM - At the Moment

RL - Real life

BRB - be right back

some common ones from past MMOs.
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