Looking for a LGBT Hero League

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User Info: clown_baby75

6 years ago#1
I wanted to start or join a hero league for LGBT players. I'm currently playing on the Justice PVE server but would be willing to change servers if anyone wants to get something going.

My PS name is Clown Baby. Feel free to message me there or reply to this thread.

User Info: tomo012

6 years ago#2
Seems pretty discriminatory to make a league specifically for gay/transgendered people.

Why does your sexual orientation matter this much so that you would stand out in this manner? Personally, I don't care to know the sexual orientation of the players.

Would it make sense for me to make a heterosexual league or an Asian one?

Does not compute.
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User Info: Amiadon

6 years ago#3
It's not really that simple, I'm afraid. I would like to think people don't really mind others' orientation, but we all know that's not the case all the time.

I used to think along the same lines as you, and had a discussion to that end with a gay friend of mine only a few months ago. He shared a few things with me that made me realise the reasons behind things like LGBT groups on MMOs and other online communities.

In day to day online conversation, we don't realise that often we make remarks that "hint", as it were, to our preferences in that aspect (for example, and these are terrible, but I just made them up to illustrate relevance: "By the way, Circe has mighty fine cleavage!" or "Damn, Batman is looking smokin'.") We make these comments without thinking and there is very rarely any reason to be concerned when making them. However, when a LGBT person makes such a remark, some members of the online community can (and often do) react negatively. It's something us heterosexual people don't even think about, as it is almost never an issue in any way. However, for them, it really can be.

People just want to play and not have to censor themselves any more than the average person playing the same game. They don't want to constantly stop themselves from joining a conversation, or lie about their orientation in order to avoid ridicule. We don't have to, they shouldn't either. Until the general online community (and especially the online gaming community, which has its fair share of immature members) is more progressive in this respect, niche groups are one small way that these people can feel comfortable.

OP, unfortunately I don't know of any such League, but good luck. I am certain that within a small amount of time, one will exist (if it does not already!).

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User Info: tomo012

6 years ago#4
Big deal. Like I said in my previous post, there is no point in flaunting or advertising one's sexual orientation in video games. If that's really the case, then why don't the developers create servers for such a thing? Obvious why they don't.

I get that people will say things that might make other people wonder, but this issue calls for maturity on both sides.

On the side of gay/transgendered people maturity that not everyone is open to their lifestyle for whatever reason and to respect that.

For heterosexuals or those who object to the homosexual lifestyle to be mature and not make a big deal out of someone else's choices in life and be respectful.

Personally, I would never want to stand out. I would want to be accepted for who I am and not segregate myself just to make a statement or because I feel comfortable in a specific group of people who are like me.

We don't segregate clubs, schools, or public places in real life so why the hell should we in an MMO? Makes absolutely no sense.

If someone does have a problem with your sexual orientation, so what? What should it matter what someone else thinks anyway?

By the way, you're going to run into morons and jerks in every multi-player environment for a video game. Creating a gay/transgendered league will not make them change or even care. And these morons and jerks aren't limited to bigotry either.
You think you know, but you don't know anything at all.

User Info: Kryptonian_wil

6 years ago#5
Add me I will start a league with ya. Screw whatever someone else says.

User Info: Dead_Vault

6 years ago#6
I understand both sides, especially Amiadon. My friend, who is a PROUD lesbian lol, said that she feels disrespected by things that put gays and lesbians out like that. There was a day at my college called 'Ask a Gay Day'. She was absolutely pissed. She was so mad, she said that had she not forgotten she would have fought everybody out there. Lol. Keep in mind she's 4'9 and a half. Shell get mad if we don't add the half. She was like "where's the ask a straight day?" I understand why ppl make groups and things like that. Most of the time it's for protection, but at the same time, to me, it's not a preference. It's who you are. You can hide it, but you won't be happy. That's just what I think. Why ppl have such hatred and rage against an LGBT person, idk. It's not you so what's the big deal? Let a person live their life and be happy.

And on that note, hopefully we will see one in the game soon. I'm all for it lol

User Info: clown_baby75

6 years ago#7
OK - Maybe I should clarify. LGBT Friendly players.
Not trying to segregate or anything like that but on my MMO experience I really dislike the term "gay" being used as an adjective. I find "fa**ot" to be an insult right up there with the N word but in MMO land it's thrown around pretty freely.

So bottom line is I wanted to start a League of LGBT FRIENDLY players.

User Info: SuperCat1187

6 years ago#8
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: Kryptonian_wil

6 years ago#9
I agree I am sick of hearing F***** and that's so gay.

User Info: KontroLz85

6 years ago#10
Great topic, I laughed the way through it. Not at anyone's sexual preference but at the serious tone for something so ridiculous as a LGBT league for DCUO.
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