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User Info: gs3bully

6 years ago#1

i have a questions that no one has answered cleary at all.. my question is simple

Ring wars event pops up... what do i need to do to locate this event so i can participate?

i already know how to activate my pvp and all that, it just seems to pop up but i dont seem to

get the location its at

User Info: Jan-Klaas

6 years ago#2
I have the same question!
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User Info: MarlonBacon

6 years ago#3
I never know where to go after I sign up as well. As level 30 I'm trying to look for other ways to earn money and supplies and equipment.

User Info: G3cko360

6 years ago#4
Metropolis Police Stations (I think all of them). The recruiter will pop up outside of the station in a Green Lantern uniform. I'm not sure when exactly he pops up, but when it says 5 minutes until ring war event, he'll definitely already be there. The quest is called Fear VS Will.
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User Info: Gkired

6 years ago#5

ah, fear vs will. I played that but didnt know it was the ring war event. I still have it in my quest log. I ended up quitting the event because there were three heros along with me and probably a dozen villians in the area. The villians just camped at the hero respawn area, which was not inside one of those protective bubbles, and ganked us every time we respawned.

User Info: My_Filgaia

6 years ago#6
There are two conditions to fulfill for this quest:

1. Restore the leader to health with ring batteries
2. Defeat 5 members of the opposing side no less than 5 levels below yourself

Just winning the Ring War doesn't mean you've completed the quest.
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User Info: _Silentassassin

6 years ago#7
The quest title for ring wars is fear vs. will...if you make that your active quest it will take you right to it.
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